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He usually drives. He really likes to drive. I don't mind it, but it's not on my "fun things to do" list. So it works out for us.
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ok, so I voted for "her driving scares me" but I wouldn't say my driving really scares my husband. There were no other choices up there, so I picked that one. Really my driving just annoys him. Because I do things like brake well before the stop sign or stop light, don't take off at 20mph....but start slow (hey, with gas prices!), brake with caution if the person in front of me looks like they are not sure what they're gonna do (the whole time he's hollering, "what are you worried about them for?! just drive!!!"), stop for peds in the cross walk.... you know, all those really annoying things that my husband just doesn't do. He usually drives when we are together, but we do not drive together very often... if that makes sense?!
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Jerry always drives, unless it's been a long day and he's tired.........
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Plus that's one of those things that is the man's job, like taking out the trash. Does that sound bad? I don't believe in the whole "get in the kitchen, woman" but some things to me are man things and some things are woman things...
Nope- aside from very heavy lifting and digging holes, I do it all. All I need a man for is that weekly paycheck going into direct deposit.
Not in a bad way, mind you. He works hard so I don't have to, so the least I can do is all the chores. I mow the grass, I wax the cars, and I do the home repairs. I cook, I clean, and I tend the animals. He is an easy guy and would do anything I ask him to- point is, I don't ask.

And I drive.
My car is the newest and the nicest, so we always take it. My husbands driving just aggravates the living POO out of me, and as I'm a crabby old bat to begin with it's just easier all around if I do all of the driving.
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Nathan always drives. I hate driving.
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