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Siamese coat length?

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A Siamese cats coat length....is it super short & thick, or is it the same length of a DSH? I don't really know the difference between old style or traditional...does the coat differ between the two? What do their coats feel like...silky or sort of coarse/rough?
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I can't speak for all Siamese, but ours always felt soft, and silky.
The Siamese coat is often refered to as satin.
They are short haired, like a DSH, but they haven't got an undercoat, so their hair lies much closer to their body.
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I think the older style siamese would have a little thicker coat. The show siamese that I'm more familiar with have ultra short coats that are slick and fine.
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Not all of the Old-Style Siamese have thick coats, but some do. It isn't really an indication of type at all IMO. As Arlyn accurately pointed out, Siamese cats only have the top coat of fur so you will normally see it be very close to the skin and very smooth, sleek and soft. Genetic differences in these cats will produce a fuzzier, thicker coat in some lines, but it is not desirable in the standard for them.

My boy Tonka has a thicker, more coarse feel to his fur while my girl Lexus is sleek and soft, with a very short, close coat that feels like warm butter-suede.
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I have 4 Siamese 2 of them have the short coat but very silky feeling.The other two have very very short coats and not as silky feeling. These two mind the cold more . They like to be covered up when they sleep.
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