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Hello everyone!

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My name is Erica. Im from Wisconsin!
I currently own a whole bunch of pets.
I have two Ball pythons snakes. Lola and Khan.
four rats:Whitey,Lucy,Ma and TJ (tj just had 14 babies dont worry not as pets we breed her for feeding purpose)
two betta fish:Butters and Eugene
and of course my handsome Maincoon mix Mikey!
and my newest baby Chralie a 3 week orphan siamese mix.

I work second shift and mostly during the day its the gym and then tending to my animals and the house. Within the next week I will be adopting out my two rats Lucy and Ma. they get overlooked alot because of all the new additons we have been getting. Its sad but I want whats best for them .They are sweethearts though.

My snakes are independent, one eats once a week the other once ever two weeks. they sleep most of the time and arent to happy to be held all the time. they are my grumpy kids. Keeping herps are totally different than any other pet I have ever owned. Its a hobby, and alot goes into caring and maintaing a ball python.

My Mikey is my pride and joy. he is a main coon mix with 6 toes and hes 2 years old.an all around special cat. he and I adore each other,anyone who has ever met him has fallen in love with him. He has many personality traits that most people can identify with.

Charlie is an orphan kitten who my mom gave to me when her brother in law found a litter of kittens orphaned. She gave me a male took a female and a women at a pet store said she would help with the other three. Currently He is eating and growing. we are slowly trying a solid food mush once a day and supplementing with KMR formula. He used his litter pan for the first time today! He likes stimulation to his head and is now just starting to get into this playfull side. Mikey understands he is a baby and tries to be gentle but you can tell mikey cannot wait till he is old enough to romp around.

thats my gang!
oh and I have a boyfriend who lives with me to. and let me tell u...hes the hardest to maintain out of all of em!!! haha
thanks for reading!

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Welcome to TCS Erica sounds like you have quite the animal family!
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Hello Erica, my name is John, welcome to the site
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Welcome Erica!
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Hi Erica, welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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