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My sweet, adorable Daisy!!

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Alright guys, I took this little gal into my home in February (Valentines Day to be exact!) but wasn't entirely sure that this would be her forever home until later. I've finally uploaded some pics to share with you guys.

Her name is Daisy and she's a full blooded "Teeny Weenie". LOL
She turned one year old in November 2005. Her previous owners mistreated her badly. She was kept in a crate 80 percent of the time. When she arrived here she was underweight (backbone and ribs showing badly) had never been to the vet, had never had shots, wasn't house trained or obedience trained. Since I've had her she has morphed into a totally different dog!! She now knows what toys are (they never gave her any) and has put on a full pound!!

When I took her in to be checked right after I got her, she got a full set of shots and a total exam. The only thing wrong was a badly rotten tooth which was extracted and of course being underweight (which I'm sure the tooth caused part of). She was also spayed with no difficulties.

She's a very sweet girl, very stubburn at times, loves to be cuddled and loves being under the covers! Her and Pooch, my lab/german shepard mix, love each other to pieces and are never very far apart. She truly is a doll.

Now I'll shut up and show you guys some pictures!! LOL

This was the first night that we got her, she was so pooped, but seemed to bond with us right away!

This is her on her tie out, she has now learned the bounderies of the yard and no longer has to use it! YAY!

Playing with big brother...

Running in the yard...

Lookin all cute and innocent!

All dressed up for a day on the town!!

One for size comparison, again before she was fully trained to the yard...

Cloud watching!

And one of my favorite pics of her...

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All I can say is AWWWWWWWW Adorable!!!
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Originally Posted by jamasmom
All I can say is AWWWWWWWW Adorable!!!
Thank you! We think so too, but we ARE a little biased!
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Oh noooo! She's too cute...I want her!

That sailor suit? Never ever get rid of that...she should wear that absolutely every day!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
That sailor suit? Never ever get rid of that...she should wear that absolutely every day!

That cracks me up!! I've bought her like 15 outfits since I've had her (or should I say since she's had me ) but that one is my absolute favorite!! She looks so cute in it! When I brought it home with a matching red rhinestone collar (who wears a pink collar with a red and blue sailor suit?? ) Hubby just threw up his hands and rolled his eyes!! He loves the attention she gets in it though, she's daddy's little girl!
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What a sweetie! I love that sailor outfit too it's great that her and Pooch get along so great!
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I'm in love! Daisy is absulotely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! Can I have her? Hehe. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for sharing! She melts my heart!

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Oh my goodness Keysha, that pup is wayyyyyyyyyy to cute!!! Is that fingernail polish I see in the one pic?? and the big question is, do Daisy and Madden get along?
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Yep thats fingernail polish...

Actually Madden gets along great with both dogs! He absolutely ADORES them! He and Daisy wrestle, play hide and seek and chase, and then a little while later you find everyone piled up on the couch together! LOL I'll try to catch a pic of the three of them later.
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She is sweeet!! She totally reminds me of my friends dog,Millie.
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How totally sweet. I love her.... Im glad that you guys are taking such good care of her. Its always so sad to hear of pasts with abuse with dogs.
Both of your dogs look like they really love each other.
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Oh shes cute, I used to have one and he hated me, I think it's because we had the same color of hair
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I love her little pink toes!! She is soooo cute!!
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She is a doll!!!! I love dashounds!!!
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Awwwww she's so sweet!

That first picture of her on her first night with you justs screams " I'm safe now "
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