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Desexed kitten last week & worried about Ellie

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My 2 gorgeous Devon rex kittens (5mths old) were desexed 5 days ago. Ted, the boy is doing well and is like nothing happened. The girl, Ellie has had it much harder. I know that the op is much more serious for a girl, but she was very active and playful and even now is not interested in playing or jumping and cries when jumping or when I pick her up. Her scar is a little red but does not look too bad.

Is her behaviour normal or should I be concerned??
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Does she have an appt to go back to the vet to get her stitches out ?
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Ellie has her appt to get her stitches out in 6 days from now. I did ring the vet today and they said I could bring her in if I was worried, but I guess I am just not sure what was normal and am wondering if others have seen similar behaviour and if people thought she should be more playful by now.
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Because you say she cries when you pick her up and shes not as playful, I would go ahead and take her in. I know its only been 5 days, but kittens usually heal very quickly. Just to be on the safe side, I would take her.
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thanks Pamela. I'll do that.
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Let us know what the vet says.
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Poor Ellie has an infection I feel like such a bad meowmy. As a Devon Rex, her neck and head is so small that even the smallest collar / little bucket thing falls right off her head so of course I could not stop her licking herself, and her brother got in on the act too! They gave her an anti-inflammatory injection, antibiotics to take and a tea-tree oil wound spray that keeps away bacteria and stops them licking. After the injection though she seems to have perked up and is almost her normal self. Phew - am I relieved...
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Please don't use the tree tea oil on your kitty. It is toxic to cats.

Here's an article

Hope your kitty is better soon.
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I agree about the tea tree oil. It's probably in a low concentration... but. Keep it for humans, though, it's great on us!

You are NOT a bad meowmy! You had your kits fixed, which is the number one sign of a good meowmy! I'm sorry your girl got an infection, though. Sounds like she's being well treated. My girl got a weird flu sort of thing from where she was spayed, which made me feel like you do somehow... but she's been all better for a long while now, and soon so will your girl.
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Normal - remember its major surgery for the females so recovery time takes a little longer. Just be sure they don't roughhouse with each other, or she bothers the stitches, or that the area looks/feels hot to the touch.

A little red is fine, but if it increases or feels warm, then you need to call your vet as it could be a little infection started.
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Poor Ellie. She'll be better soon. All cats will lick an area that is wounded. Shes on antibiotic now so that will take care of the infection, I wouldnt worry about the licking, my vet advised me that cats actually have a protein in their saliva that helps with healing. Let us know how shes doing.

Taking her in and caring about her shows what a great meowmy you really are.
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Licking isnt so bad but be careful they dont chew on the stiches.. both of mine did and even on each other. I ended up having to clip the ends down as far i could with out disturbing the actual stiches. If it seems like the licking is a little more rough then usual make sure she isnt actually chewing!

Tipper and Proffy's mum,
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Evryone has been so kind I thought I would update you - Ellie is doing really well and is back to her energetic happy self. She is on her antibiotics and whilst her wound is swollen it is looking clean. I immediately stopped the wound spray as soon as I heard that it could be toxic.

Thanks so much for the advice!!
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Glad she is doing better. I see her face now. How beautiful your rex's are.
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