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Thats Just Crazy....

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Does anyone else have a cat that runs through the house like a crazy "person" after it uses the litterbox??? It's the funniest thing. Tears through the kitchen, into the living room, up onto the back of couch, digs claws, and shoots off upstairs!! It's crazy....and hysterical to this abnormal behavior????
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Mine do that to a lesser degree at times, though more so when they have something stuck back there. It's possible that something is sticking to the rear hairs, and a trim of the fur back there could help. It could also be that your kitty doesn't like the way the litter feels on his/her paws.
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My Tino does this most everytime he goes poo. Like he is so proud of himself and wants everyone to know what hes just done.
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Wonton does it too. He's a short haired kitty, so nothing could be sticking to his rear...i keep his litter immaculate. ive tried both covered and uncovered litter pans, it doesn't seem to make a difference. i think thats just the way he is...i always ask him "who's chasing you out of your box?"
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i bought a book about how to raise cats and say that this kind of behavior is normal, my cat does this too but a lesser degree. Do u play with ur cat, enough time? or do u give him food with sugar?

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Thread Starter, no sugar in their diets. She's short-haired so she does'nt get the tag-a-longs. She's an indoor cat and gets endless amounts of play time and attention and I scoop the box daily. Sometimes twice. I think either she's proud of herself or she's embarrassed and just wants to get the heck out of there before anyone sees what she's done. As long I know it's not for any bad reason, I'll continue to think it's the funniest thing I see all day.
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my cat useually runs up and down the house back and forth for awhile
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Yup, if you dont smell the stentch first, you can always tell when Oliver's just pooed! It's like a cartoon: big orange blur running around the house... he gets PLENTY of playtime and no sugar... it's almost like he's goin "WOOOOOOOOO! I'm like 9 pounds lighter cuz I just pooed!!!! I feel so good!"
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Yup - right after Loki pees. I figure since he weighes less after using the kitty Loo he has more energy to tear through the house!!!
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I've read a book (actually, a few of them) that says this is an instinctive act. The poo leaves a scent that attracts predators. In theory.. they're hiding from their predators by running away from their poo.
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We call this "the poop 'n run".

PJ does this all the time - she just did it a little while ago. Usually, she does it when she poops, but sometimes, when she pees too. She goes tearing around, jumping on things, being crazy, and then she just sits down and looks at me like I'm the stupid one!
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I had a cat once that did that. She had eaten a piece of string and it was stuck (some inside, some outside!). Thank god she passed it though!
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My cat does this before she poops! It's very hysterical!

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