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My noisy bedroom

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I had an awful time, getting to sleep, last night. Went to bed, about 11:30. Of course, Bill was asleep. I snuggled up, got comfortable and the snoring started. I poked and shook him, got him to roll over and stop. Just as I was drifting off - here he goes, again! This time, my efforts prompted a trip to the bathroom. OK - he doesn't snore in there.

When he got back, I got a mumbled, "I love you Baby" and a pat on the butt.

Once again, I hear noises, from that side of the bed. It isn't Bill, though. For the first time, IKE has decided to sleep in our room. There's one problem, with that - he "talks" in his sleep! Moans, snuffles and the occasional "woof". If this keeps up, I'm going to have to get something, to block my ears, at night. I can get Bill to stop snoring but, how do I get Ike to shut up?

Living with a man AND critters is one adventure after another. :sleep3:
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Are Ike's legs moving as if he were chasing a bunny? That happens so often during REM sleep. Come on, Cindy, you can't interrupt a good dream. I guess you'll just have to sleep on the couch! :LOL: :LOL:
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I have found that earplugs can save a relationship. My ex would snore, no matter what postition he was sleeping in. I finally gave in and bought some of the soft earplugs at the pharmacy. It dampened the sound enough to go to sleep, but not so much that I wouldn't hear the alarm. They also helped when my rather noisy upstairs neighbor would play his radio loud at 2 am.
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