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At my wits end!

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Hello again, everyone!
I haven't posted in ages, but...

The kittens are nearly 11 weeks, and they still won't use litter!
We put them in a room with it. We put their little poos in it, and then put them in. They cover it up in the litter when we put them in, but they still won't actually go in there. They see Momma doing it, but... still nothing.

I am so thankful for ceramic tile throughout my entire home, or we'd be angry!

We even tried using paper, smaller boxes, bigger boxes, flatter boxes... Nothing is working!
They just go wherever they are when they feel the urge.
Well, they do go AROUND the litter box most often, but... argh!
Any advice? Anyone? I am going crazy!

Plus, they are shredding everything. We tried the repellent spray, sour apple or whatever it is. We gave them a cat tree, but they have damaged my leather recliner ( they pull the protective 'anti cat' covering off it, which is a big feat for a kitten! ) And they damaged my sofa, as well. I really don't know what to do. I love them to death, but... it is so frusterating, and we are dealing with so much in life other than them.
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have you tried actually putting them in the litter and scrapin their feet around in it? that is what i did for my little ones and they had no preoblem learning. good luck
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Yes, I tried that as well. Thats how I started out, putting them in, and making them use their little feet to dig around. Once they are in there, they do cover up the poos, but actually going in there hasnt quite sunk in, for some reason. Its so confusing.
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You might have to place them in a small enclosure with the litter box at one end and their food and bed at the other. Kittens should not potty where their food and bedding is located.

You will also need to wash the tiled floor with natures miricle to get rid of the smell. You cannot smell it but they can. Once they begin using the box, expand their area of play.

They might not like the type of litter you are using, try different brands if you can. I have used Worlds Best that is flushable, and will not block their digestive tract, Feline Pine although this doesn't clump, and Yesterdays News a paper based product. They like the Worlds Best the most. You can also buy Chicken Feed and use it for litter. It is very low cost and works too.

There is also an unwritten rule that you should have one more box than there are kitties. They may want their own boxes.
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We have tried 3 litters, and we have 3 boxes. They seem to prefer to 'go' around the one Momma uses. We scrub the areas on the floor daily, with something that our vet recommended, can't think of the name.
As I said, we contained them with the litter, we even tried the method you mentioned. They are just set against it.

Thanks for the advice, even though I knew... these kittens are just....demon babies
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I have heard of some pads which go in a cat litter tray and a spray also which can help with litter training. A bit like puppy training pads...but for kittens of course. I think they contain some kind of hormone or odour which signals to the kittens 'oi you...poo here'.

I don't know the names of the products as I've never had to use them ...but a google search might help?

Also, as others have pointed out, experiment with different types of litter (which are of course safe for kittens). I can remember one occasion when my litter trained kittens decided to poop on the carpet instead of the tray. Before my hubby got the chance to complain about my little precious ones, I pointed out to him that he had put the wrong type of litter in the tray!
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I agree with DragonLady...decrease the size of their enclosure to a crate until they start using the litter. I think they have learned to use the floor, and have no idea there is a problem with it. Until they learn to use the litterbox, they are not pleasant companions.

If you don't have a crate or cage, get one at Walmart or somewhere similar. I have a lovely one, really one cage wired on top of another, with shelves added. So the kitties can sit up on the shelves, and the litterbox can be on the floor.

If you can't get a cage or crate, cover the floor with foil pans filled with litter. Leave them no option for error. Maybe a day or two of using the litter will retrain them. And you could try different litters in the different trays, and see what they like!
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