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Shaylee moving her baby

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Shaylee, our female (spayed) Pixie-Bob has this strange habit of carrying around this little stuffed bear. She seems to be either moving it, so as to NOT allow the other cats to get near it, or else teasing them and showing them that it is HERS. She has done this for several months now and this time I happened to have the camera close enough to capture a few shots. Any ideas as to what the heck she is doing?

The first one is her removing it from where it WAS hidden.

This one is of her *getting a better grip* before finding another hiding place.

Winter Hawk
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I had a dog when I was a kid who would do the same thing with a rubber ducky squeaky toy. My dad used to tease the heck out of her. She'd get upset if we took it from her. She seemed to treat it as her own baby doll.

Cute pics!
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That's amazing! Sneakers could barely pick up her babies, even when they were little.
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That's not a little stuffed bear - that's a big stuffed bear!!!! I was expecting this little fist sized bear...

that's really cute
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My Lucky does that (and always has) with her stuffed moose. When she was really little she would grab it between the legs and drag it around while chirping at it. My guy friends would cringe and want to know what the heck I was teaching her! :P Now everyday moosie changes position and you sometimes catch Lucky talking to it. But if you catch her doing it she'll stop...so i haven't gotten any good pics!
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Those are so sweet! Kitties don't get the credit they should for loving their stuffed babies...

Maybe they think they ARE real...good imaginations are common among our little feline family members.

We have 4, and one of them, most likely Queen Lucy, had a habit of dunking the toy mice into the toilet when she finds the lid open. She has quit this since we adopted Ricky-Bobby, a county pound stray that looks an awful lot like a pixie-bob. (His wierdness is another story!)

My son says she is "baptizing" them. (no offense meant, I am a Christian and know the significance of baptism...but he's a kid and submersion to him means a baptism. )
Thanks for the cute pictures and stories.
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