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Flea help

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I had posted about my Garfield going to the shelter for a neuter...
Then coming home with fleas..
Well I checked him the second time he came home, and couldnt find any fleas..
I just recently moved.and am learning that all of my neighbors are filthy..
Im really wondering if theres something in my carpets..
My cats all started scratching alittle. And I am probably just being paranoid, but I cant stand BUGS..
I saw fleas on Garfield then, but not again..And today I found one jumping near my bed, not near the cats though..

So should I treat?? I normally dont because my other house was immaculate, being that I had it for yrs..And they NEVER go outside.

So my first question is , squeeky is black, how am I gonna see fleas??
And the carpet treatment should be??? Ive heard people say Borax or something, but what is it and where do you get it??

p.s. I have the "thickest longest curliest hair ever" so when I see a bug, you can imagine how I freak out, and start itching at the thought.
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Best way to find fleas on a black cat is to use a flea comb. Comb the cat and then dip the comb into a bowl of warm soapy water with dawn dish soap in it. Dawn works well, you may have to bathe the cat in it if necessary.

Then I would flea treat the cats with a flea medication from the vet only. Then treat your carpet. I do not know where to get Boarx from but that is what is recommended to use I believe. Get the cats out of the area when you do it though.
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Fleas do not live on your cats but can live in your carpet. Borax is a laundry additive and should be found near the laundry soap at many stores.

You must vaccuum every day in every room of the house. Throw away the vaccuum bag immediatly after as the fleas will survive in the bag and make their way out. Do this for at least two weeks, as eggs are laid in the carpet and it may take that long for them to hatch.

Make sure that all the cats are treated for fleas with Advantage, Frontline or Revolution. You may wish to alternate these three as the fleas have been known to build up an immunity to just one brand.

Treat your yard for fleas as they can ride in on your pants and reinfest the house. If there are cats and dogs running loose in the neighborhood they can drop fleas off in your yard.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the info, but then that leaves me with two problems...
1 is, I dont have a bag in my vacuem, only a bagless...

And 2 is, the yard isnt mine to treat...
There is nasty neighbors, along with their pets..in this building..seeing more and more everyday..Its amazing how much you dont see when "viewing an apartment"

So this may be a battle to get rid of.Like I said I never dealt with fleas, except when first getting a cat. And we solved that the first day.
So if they can really come in on me, this will be a uphill battle..Because Im sure the little mangled tangled dirty fluffball outside the front door is flea infested.
I tried to tell the landlord he needed to do something with that cat, or the owners, it worked for a week, then hasnt worked since
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Buy a flea collar, cut it into bits and place the bits into your vacuum's collection canister.

You can't treat the yard, treat your the ousides of your windows and your door.
Sprinkle Borax like you would carpet fresh (keep the cats away it is safe under normal circumstances, but not worth the risk), vacuum in a couple hours, repeat daily until controlled.
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