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Animal Control statistics

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Unfortunately, we're not "no-kill" here in Charlotte. I knew that, but I didn't realize just how high the numbers were until I was browsing the site when we were looking to adopt. I am so heartbroken!!! I'm devastated, really! I had no idea how many animals are put down here. I'll post a link to the stats if anyone dares to look.

I am a member of a forum for Mommies in our area. I have a link to the stats in my signature. Someone recently saw it and made a separate thread about it. So far, it's had 470 views!! How great is that?? The word is getting out on how big a problem overpopulation is in Charlotte. I feel so happy that the word is getting out. I just hope people take advantage of the low cost spay/neuter clinics and also adopt from the shelter!

There's no real point to this post... just wanted to get this off my chest!

Click here to see our Animal Control statistics. Warning: It's not pretty.
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man. that so sad.
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Unfortunately those stats are about the norm in a lot of areas. That is why public education about spay/neuter is so important. You can't euthanize what is not born.
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What is sad is that the percentage of cats being PTS is higher than that of dogs even though the number of incoming dogs is higher. I guess that's what irritates me most about that "dog is man's best friend" slogan
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Wow, that is amazing, in a very bad way
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Just awful.
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That's horrible.

Last year in my city (note: only about 30,000 people live here) about 500 cats were PTS, and 75-100 dogs.
How many people live in Charlotte?
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That makes me soo sad to hear that....the sad thing is, the Memphis Animal Services and the Memphis Humane Society euthanize more than that. I do rescues from those shelters...and volunteer as a foster momma for the Bartlett Animal Shelter (little city right outside of memphis). They're really low kill- only euthanize when an animal is terminally ill beyond help or has been injured to the point where they can't be saved- they're awesome . I love it there. But it saddens me how all of these euthanizias could be avioded if people would just take responsibilty for their pets and research before adopting.
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I know here in the county I am in they put thousands I mean thousands to sleep every year, it was stagering numbers, made me sick. When I rescued the ones I did I was just waiting for someone to call and turn me in for having to many, I was so set to throw a fit if they came and said they were going to have to take them, I absloutely would have gone to jail first, I even ask my hubby will you get me out he said I GUESS . I would have told them all I am trying to do is save a few little lives you people won't go get them won't help them, they were in a busy shopping center parking lot they wouldn't go there to get them, and granted if there was a dog they were right there, I know you would never see a litter of puppies stay there longer then a minute, Cats do not get the same respect at all. One of the security guards told me he was told to tell me not to feed them oh yea right, I just looked at him for a few and then I told him this problem started with a human like you or I and not feeding them will not make them go away, it will just make them starve to death, he kinda looked around and said you know what I didn't even see you here, I went there everyday for a year no one ever said a word to me, then I got them all home...Ahhh
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Unfortunately that is what the stats are all around the country.
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With stats like that...how could we ever go to a no-kill system totally? I mean there just wouldn't be room enough for everyone.

I'd be interested in seeing a break-down of why the euthanizations occured. %behavior related, %health related, %normal. That would be more meaningful. Health related, unfortunately is understandable, occasionally even behavior, but it would probably be even scarier to see how many perfectly adoptable animals have to be put down.
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