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Natural herbs

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Does anyone know of a natural herb I can take to help me feel calmer? I'm seriously losing my mind about Bella and can hardly function!
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Valerian Root Extract

From Yahoo: Valerian has been used in the management of anxiety; restlessness; insomnia; mental strain; lack of concentration; excitability; stress; headache; nervous stomach cramps; uterine spasticity; menopause; and pain, discomfort, and emotional distress that may occur with menstruation.
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Mild: Black horehound, borage, Roman chamomile, hyssop, lavender, red clover, lemon balm, cramp bark, black haw.

Moderate: Mugwort, black cohosh, St. John’s wort, motherwort, lobelia, chamomile, pasqueflower, skullcap, linden, damiana, vervain.

Strong: California poppy, hops, wild lettuce, passionflower, Jamaica dogwood, valerian
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I've been taking St Johns Wort and haven't noticed a difference I don't think.. My other choices were 5HTP and Valerian but I thought that Valerian was more of a sleep aid and was scared that it might knock me out! As far as the St John's Wort goes though I'm only using 600mg a day and the recommendation is 900mg so maybe when I start popping another pill maybe I'll feel a difference? i don't know.
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Hyland's Calms Forte (do a search on google to see packaging). Its at the health food store. It can be found under natural sleep aids. My mom and I also use it to take away the "nervy" feeling. It is as the title says, calming. It does help with sleep too! My husband and I use it on those nights where our minds go a mile a minute and can't get to sleep. Its non-habit forming and gentle homeopathic remedy.
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Bach's flower essences works for BOTH humans and cats.
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