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My cats don't like good food?????

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Ugh....So I was going to try switching them from the pro-plan/fancy Feast wet food that they have been loving for a while now to Meow Mix Wet which I heard about on here.

My cats want nothing to do with it. 2 days and they won't touch it at all!!! What should I do for my spoiled princesses?
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They sure do love those junk foods!
I'm speaking from experience here because I am still trying to make the switch from Friskies to better qualities.

Try mixing some of the Pro Plan and/or Fancy Feast they love with the better quality foods. First a little of the good stuff and keep increasing the good stuff and decreasing the junk food over a period of time. Not an easy task, but it can be done!
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Hi! We went through this with our kitties as well - I think the not-so-high- quality food manufacturers put in addictive chemicals... I agree with mixing the foods. That didn't work with one of the cats, so we started buying chicken & gravy baby food to mix in with the new wet food. (We use Eagle Pack now, but I'm trying to transition ours to Pet Promise.) If the new wet food is stronger, you might have to use something a little stronger to mix with, say tuna perhaps - but not long term, of course. Good luck!!
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Are you sold on the Meow Mix?

Because my cats love the Natural Choice foods whether it is canned/dry or the packets. I just added a new kitten to my family last weekend and he was on a mix of Iams/Science diet/and Walmart Maximum nutrition.

I put his food he came with, in a bowl and of course my other cat had his Natural Choice food. Well the kitten went right for the Natural Choice and wanted nothing to do with his cheap food he came with.

When I got Sebastian 2 years ago it was the same thing. He instantly loved the Natural Choice.

The wet packets are about the same price as the Meow Mix.

Good luck!
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My problem with my cat is the opposite of urs, he like fancy food most of the time! chicken bones, fat and other stuff isnt on his daily menu! He loves canned and fresh fish most of the time esp. that of humans not for cats!

He doesnt like boiled chicken or meat but grilled only with spices!!!!!
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Welcome to the world of picky kitties. I was buying the vet recommended super expensive-super protein and vitamin and mineral food.. and the little beasties were'nt having any of that non-sense. Sigh. So now they get Royal Canine, very high protien-low carb diet for indoor fat cats (Tipper got fat ) Im thinking though the next bag of dry food will be something with a little more carbs now that they are able to go outside. I've actually noticed that my little girl, Professorn, is becoming quite lean and a huge change in Tipper after two weeks. I think we have another two weeks of dry left and then will change to something else.. fingerscrossed they will eat it!

Tip'n Proffy's mum,
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You can try the Nutro Max Cat version. I was told the Max Cat version is more tasty and appealing to cats who've been on the "junk food" brands. If your cat doesn't like it, you can get a full refund even on what they've eaten (or not eaten).

Off topic though, where'd you get your name? Dizzy Miz Lizzy is the name of a Danish band I used to listen to several years ago. Never heard of them since though.
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