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Adopt one or two? Will they smell dog's accident spots?

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I wasn't sure which forum to write this on so hopefully this is the right spot. In a few weeks when we're back from vacation we're going to adopt a couple cats from the Humane Society. We want ones that are old enough to have their personality established. The thing we can't decide on is if we should get one and see how it goes and then get a 2nd one a few weeks later or if we should get 2 right away.

We don't have any other pets because we had to put our dog down a week ago. One other question, if our dog had some accidents on the carpet will the cats be able to smell it and might they start going in that spot too?
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I would look for two cats that have always lived together, then I would get them both! Problem solved all around. Homes for pairs like this are rare, so maybe ask if they have any like this needing homes??

I'd use an enzyme based cleaner like Nature's Miracle on the dog spots, new cats or not. Follow the instructions and let it soak thoroughly.
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The more the merrier! I think it's best to get them both at the same time. Maybe you can find littermates or 2 cats coming from the same home. I always see cats in shelters that "must stay together." Good luck and happy choosing! I'm jealous.
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As far as the accident smells, they haven't happened in a long time and I always used this hand held shampooer when it did happen and now I don't remember where the exact spots are so hopefully they won't be able to smell anything on the carpet.

I saw a few sets of "2 cats must stay together" on the internet at the Humane Society that we're going to go to. I'm looking forward to getting our new furbabies. I hope it makes us less lonely after having to go through what we did with our dog last week.
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When we got our two in December, we got them together. We were initially looking for two who already knew each other, but fell in love with Swanie. He had a friend but someone adopted the friend before we got there. (I personally would not have separated two friends, but that's just me). Since we wanted two, and wanted to get them at the same time. It was late, the shelter was supposed to close soon, and I felt really kinda frantic. They suggested Cynthia, a calico who very sweet but not very animated. She loved being petted tho, and that did it for me.

I'm rambling, but I think it worked out best to get them both together. We had them separated for about a week, but they were able to interact some under the door (since Swanie adapted immediately, but it took Cindy a lot longer). Then we introduced them a little at a time, first holding them and letting them sniff each other. When they did get together, there was some posturing and wrestling, but they worked it out and they get along really well most of the time. So bottom line is I'm glad we got the two of them, and didn't wait to try to find two who were already friends. Either way, I firmly believe two is the way to go.
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Hi peeps,
IMO, go for two, and preferrably 2 cats that already know each other. Not only does it make them settle down faster, but you know what you are getting and can see them interact together before you bring them home.
I have 2 that were from the same cattery but 2 different litters. They grew up together, and when I brought them home it took all of 1/2hr for them to settle in. No crying or anything even on the first night, and they still always sleep together now.
Even better - I have very little grooming to do as they do such a good job of keeping each other clean (I'm lucky - with Devon Rexes not much hair to worry about!!)
Good luck and let us know how you go!
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Thanks for the suggestions. I think we'll see if we can find two who get along right away preferrably two who already have bonded. That won't be our only criteria but we'll certainly take your suggestions seriously. You're the "cat experts". I know I can learn a lot from all of you on this forum.
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