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Help With Lunch Please!!

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Hey guys, how long do you boil fresh green beans? Every time I make fresh veggies I sautee them or put them in the wok. But how long do I boil them?

I am making greenbeans, red potatoes, and grilled chicken for lunch...Mmmm!

What is everyone's fave ways to cook their fresh veggies? I'm always looking for new things to do with them!
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I steam mine for about 15 mins. I think veggies taste better steamed you don't lose all the flavour into the water.
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It depends on if you like them crunchy or soggy.

The less time they cook, the more nutrients are retained in the veggie. Boiling them leaches out all the vitamins. I steam mine!
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I just cook them with a teeny bit of water for say 5 minutes. I agree it depends if you like them crunchy or not-the microwave works ok too. Add some slivered almonds!!
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Stevie!...lol! when I to read your title of your Thread, I thought that you ask help to Finish the Lunch!! I could to put:
I Can!, I can!

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Thanks guys...looks like steamed is the way to go! I have a little steamer, but must admit I've never used it. :ashamed: Do you just put water in a pot and put the veggies in the steaming basket and put over the water? I'm clueless, I know!

And Rigel, you can have lunch with me anytime! Bring Gemma and Milky too and we'll have a picnic!
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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late for this time, but for another time, you might want to consider microwaving. Add a sprig or two of fresh rosemary to the dish, with your beans and not much water, and microwave for 5-9 minutes, depending on quantity and how done you want them (tender crisp for my taste). Drain, remove the spent rosemary, add a tablespoon of butter and toss. You never met nicer beans.
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