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Discharge from Eyes

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I got my kitten about 8 days ago from a Petsmart, and I had to take him to the vet on Saturday because he was blinking one of his eyes and squinting a lot until the next day a lot of green discharge started coming out of one eye (then the second). The vet told me this was likely due to a URI and gave me antibiotics. Does this sound right? What else could be causing this issue?
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Definitely sounds like a URI. This is common in kittens and can get severe without treatment (someitmes can scar the eye). So its a good thing you got antibiotics and got him in right away.
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That's almost par for the course nowadays with shelter kitties- URI's are everywhere. Just follow the vets directions, keep an eye on him, and it'll be over before you know it.

Congratulations on the kitty!!
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I am having a similar problem with my new 6 month old kitten Marley. I noticed a discharge from his nose and right eye. The discharge is not yellow but brown and sticky. I read an article on bringing home new kittens and it said that the stress of a new enviornment can cause symotoms similar to an upper respitory infection. Do you think that might be what this is or is it something more serious.
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