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Update with Ling's Mysterious "Heat"

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I posted before about Ling coming in heat beginning of July (after being spayed in January). Well she stopped at the end of the week. All was fine - nothing more, and no signs of UTI (which the vet tried to tell me it might be).

July 23 she started the heat cycle again! By Tues, DH told me to call vet and do SOMETHING as Ling was driving him crazy!. So I again talked to the vet and we scheduled her to be reopened on Friday.

Friday morning she was in surgery (vet also suspected a possible cyst causing it). That's what she found - cluster of cysts on the one side. This time she kept the cysts for biopsy (for her own knowledge) and also video taped the procedure because this is only the 2nd case she's had happen.

Ling's back home now, all cleaned out and hopefully never will have to be in heat again.
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Am glad they have found a reason - what were the cysts attached to??
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Hmmm. I wonder if that's what was wrong with our poor kitty Allegro? She was the sweetest cat... but she was ALWAYS, ALWAYS in heat, even though she was spayed. I was 3 when we got her, and 5 when she was put down... poor sick kitty... but I was too young to remember what was wrong.
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We have a kitty, Kirby, who was spayed back in Jan. 2004 who still goes through heat cycles. We figured the vet must have left behind some uterine tissue or something - we hadn't thought of cysts! Thank you for the update.
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Not exactly sure, DH thinks the vet said it was at the base of the main artery that went to the overies.
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I also just thought of something. I figured this was rare, but apparently it happens more then thought. I'm wondering if the fast spays or the very young spays are not totally cleaned out and later the cats have problems with uterine tissue left or cysts?

Any thoughts?
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When Kirby first had her post-surgical "heat," I asked the vet. She said they will do that for a couple of months until the hormones leave the kitty's system. When it continued, I started doing a lot of research to try to find reasons. Everything I read suggested this was a result of tissue being left behind, so I'm sure the quick spays may lead to this. Another thing I came across said if the kitty was getting ready to go into heat right around the time of the surgery there might be a higher chance of this problem too. Not sure why, though, so that may not be true.
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I've spayed many cats over the years - nothing like this ever happened. So I don't believe that hormones have to leave the system. None of the other females had problems like this.

And even if you waited till it was out of their systems, you still should not have "heat" cycles IMO. Ling went into heat 6 months after being spayed - not a heat cycle within a few weeks of being spayed.
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I know, Kirby's the same way. The vet was full of crap - she's not our vet anymore, lol. I think they just didn't want to accept that they may have messed up. We've had others spayed too and never had any trouble. But the cysts diagnosis is interesting. I can't decide if it's worth it to have her go through another surgery to figure out what's going on.
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If she is still having "heat" cycles, I'd take her in for a possible 2nd surgery. I really didn't want Ling to have to go thru it again, but now am glad. I know DH would never have accepted her coming in/out of heat all the time.

And it could be cysts that should be removed too.
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