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Litter and skin infections

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Could cat litter cause skin infections? I was wondering, because my cat licks him paws a lot.
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It might be conceivable that a cat could be allergic to something in a cat litter like fragrance. But get an infection from the litter? I don't believe so.

Now if the litterbox is full of feces, and a cat has an open sore, then infection might be something to think about. But they keep themselves so clean that it's not usually thought of as any sort of danger.

He's just cleaning himself- cats spend a huge percentage of their time grooming. Totally normal.

Once in a while a cat might get a nail bed infection or an ingrown claw, or a cut pad. Look at his feet- in the pads, extend all the nails, etc. If you don't see anything unusual then don't worry about it.
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That happened to 1 of my cats. Her paw cracks and gets raw from Tidy Cats. Her front leg started swelling last time as well. She needed a cone on her head and antibiotics to get rid of it.
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MNJULZ tidy cats is what I’m using now and Andy has now a big pink toe, I was just going to the store to buy a different litter. Could you please tell me which litter are you using now.
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i use litter clean...good stuff no strong odor and no sores on my cats feet just dirty paws =D
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My boyfriend's grandmother used the same cat litter for over 3 years on her older cat. One day the cat's skin started getting dry and fur falling off (looked like cradle cap). Many vet trips never found the issue. Grandma decided to change the litter from the store brand to fresh step, and within 2 weeks the cat's skin condition improved and went away completely within a few months. The vet says she may have developed an allergy and it's not unheard of to suddenly become allergic to something.
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Thank you everyone for your comments

I was thinking about buying Ever Clean, but I don’t know if it’s a good clumping litter. Fresh Step is too dusty. If I buy something dusty, my brother will throw us out of the house.
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I use Armand Hammer multi cat which is heavy scented but all paws are ok
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I've found World's Best Cat Litter to be awesome. It's pricey but I don't find I need to change it out completely more than once per month. Every other day I add a cup or 2 of new to the old and naturally I scoop at least once per day and on weekends when I'm home sometimes twice a day.
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