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New to the board with new kitten old cat issues

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Hello all. I am new to the board here. I am 37 and live in the US on the east coast. I am posting due to my wife and 4 year old adding a new Kitty to our family. Cuddles (Male) is about 11 months old and has been in our home since about 10 weeks. He is an indoor cat and is suprisingly friendly to all who enter the house and frequently loves attn from everyone. He is a grey with white patches short hair cat weighs around 12 lbs. The new Kitty (SnowDrop) is about 10 weeks old and has been here three days. I just learned to keep the new Kitty in a room by herself last night and she has been there since. The two have already met and Snowdrop hisses at Cuddles and would not let him near her which was understood. At first when she arrived it seemed he(cuddles) was trying to play with her but I stand corrected after a few minutes ago. Snowdrop was in the room by herself and started meowing and wanted to come out to roam the house....so I let her. Cuddles was trying to approach her and at the last second he jumped on her back and bit her and did not look like he wanted to let go. From reading the intro thread here I got a towel and threw it on him and he let go....what should I do? will he attack her again?
Sorry for the Novel!!! ANy help is greatly appreciated
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Bump! I have put a Feliway diffuser in the house today and have kept the kitten in the room by itself. The kitten keeps whining to come out so I tried andother introduction this time with a piece of tuna for each cat. The old cat went right bitting the back of the kittens neck. Please let me know what to do!
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Three days is probably too soon for intros, even if kitten is feeling stir crazy.

Try the vanilla trick, it's been well recommended here (you need to use the real stuff, not the artificial kind, but I have a hard time remember which is which so be careful!)

You put it on their hard to lick off places like their chin and necks so both kitties smell the same. It should help them.

Also, have a read through the old intro threads for other ideas.

The neck biting is a sign of dominance usually (or mating, but I assume that at least Cuddles is spayed). He may just be trying to reinforce that he's top cat.

Is he hurting her?
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Thanks for the reply I am really grateful. I am not sure he is hurting her at least he does not draw blood. He does hang out in the garage sometimes so today he ran out there and I let the kitten roam the house for a while. The new kitten does want to come out of the room bad but we are keeping her in there other than her little adventure today. I'll try the Vanilla. Cuddles is Spayed
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