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Vibes for Villy

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Hi all,

My poor little Villy has a sore paw. I first noticed she seemed to be holding it up on Friday evening, then Sat she seemed ok, then yesterday evening she was holding it up (front right) and licking it a lot, and shaking it occassionally.
I called the vets advice line and was advised just to rest her as much as possible.
She seemed fine in all other ways, she was still using her scratching mat and jumping up to the windowsill! It's difficult to tell a cat to rest, without locking her up, which would stress her out big time.
Anyway, my s.o. is taking her to the vets today at 2.30, I really wish I could be there but I have to be at work We all live together so she knows him, and he will be much calmer than I would have been, so it should be less stressfull for her.
It could be something as small as a grass seed in her paw, or she may have fractured it - who knows. At least I have insurance for her so she can have anything that she needs.
Fingers and paws crossed for Villy!
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I hope you feel better soon Villy!
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Healing prayers for you and your baby - please let us know how she is!!
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Poor Villy; hopefully it's nothing serious.
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I hope Villy's paw gets better. Sending {{{{{Healing Vibes}}}}}
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Thanks everyone, it looks like she has been bitten or stung by an insect, so has an abcess waiting to come up. The vet took her temperature, gave her 2 injections and she has antibiotics to take for 5 days. She was good as gold, bless her. she's such a good girl. Now I just have to make sure she takes the antibiotics!

Thanks for all the vibes everyone
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My poor girl is still lame

The vet said on monday that if the antibiotics didn't clear it up she will have to have an x-ray to see if there is an abcess under the surface waiting to come up, and if there is it will have to be lanced and drained.

Will she have to be unconcious for any of this?

Has anyone had similar problems?

She has an appointment to go back tomorrow morning.

I wish I could have the sore foot instead of my poor Villy!
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