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ahhh hayfever anyone know ..

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i have some hayfever signs but does anyone else have it? i have itchy and watery eyes and lyk a heat rash on my back. does anyone else get this? and how do u relieve the itch of eyes cos its doing my head in
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I have horrible hay fever, allergies, rhinitis etc...
Are you on any meds for it? besides taking meds, there are a few little things that may help. Wash all your bed linens in an allergent reducing detergent. Vacuum your house at least once a week to remove any pet hair etc.... Use your air conditioning, do not open your windows if at all possible. Drink LOTS of water! Stay away from milk/dairy Milk does something in the sinus canvatity that thickens the icky stuff, water willl help keep everything thin. Do you know what exactly triggers your allergies? Mine are seasonal with the pollen and dead leaves falling off the trees.
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i dont have a clue =[[ just suddenly i have got whats looks a alerrgy rash and really itchy eyes :|
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how can i relieve my eye itchyness is there some sort of eye drops cos i am soo tempted to scratch
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I think you should go to your doctor. It may not be enviromental allergies. Have you recently changed anything in your home (laundry detergent, perfume?)
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Please remember that we are on a forum not a chat room so if you are looking for a quick answer its best to call your doctors office
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Originally Posted by kipper3972
i dont have a clue =[[ just suddenly i have got whats looks a alerrgy rash and really itchy eyes :|
The only way to know for sure is to go to your physician.
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it sounds like allergies. Lately my eyes itch like nothing before. There is an allergie eye drop that is OTC. But the best thing is to go to the your doc and ask for allergie meds. They are the BEST!!! I take Zyertec(sp?) and about an hour after I take it, my itchy eyes are GONE, along with runny/itchy nose.

They do have Clartin that is OTC too, which is a prescribtion drug, might be a lesser dosage.

Hope that helps but for the best help go to your doc.
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For temporary short term relief fill the washbasin with cold water put your face right in and open and close your eyes several times. (don't forget to hold your breath )
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Even with allergy meds sometimes my eyes would still itch. I soaked a washcloth in cold water.wring it out and lay on eyes (press it in a bit) that helped a little but I would get with a doctor to make sure allergies are what you have.
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There are some eye drops that help allergies. Also pills help. The best non drowsy OTC one is claritan. Benadryl and claritan are good but can make you very sleepy. If you go to an allergist they can do a test that will help you figure out what you are allergic to. I did this and found a few surprises, such as that I'm allergic to feathers and mold. My apt was very moldy, no wonder I was having problems, plus I had just bought a nice down comforter! And I hate to say this but if you just got a cat that might be your problem!
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