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Eye Opening?

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Hey. My babies are 9 days old now. I only see them try to possibly crack their eyes a little. How long should it be before they open their eyes??
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mine were two weeks before eyes were fully open. now there stagggering around like lil drunks,lol
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Kittens eyes open usually between 5-14 days. If the eyes seem a bit sticky you could gently wipe them with some warm water, but I'd just wait and see. They should be fine in another few days with eyes opening.
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i used the Opticlear, avail in the cat meds isle of your fave pet store. its for cleaning babies and adult cat eyes of gunk. i used that by one part Opticlear, 3 parts warm water, and just wiped there eyes 2x a day, works well. i wouldnt use it till they have there eyes open tho.
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Thanks everyone! I was so excited to find out that one of the babies had his eyes opened, well one fully and oen partial. He looks like a little pirate
I def. will check out that opticlear for sure
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i love when they look like little pirates! My little Mara has her eyes open fully. her brother Han has 1 and a half open, and little Anakin is being a slug, hes got just slits...ah they grow so fast.
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I just think your babies names are so cute! My husband, a huge Star Wars fan, would freak out and we would have to name them something similar if he saw that lol
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YAY!! We've got eyes openeing everyone. All of the kittens are opening their eyes. They are ranging from both fully opened to slightly opened so within the next few days they will all have their eyes opened. Here is my question though. Just because their eyes are opened does that mean they can see? Or does it take a while to adjust and then see after they are opened?
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when there eyes first open, its like being drunk, there seeing double, and everything is fuzzy, it will take a bit before they can see clearly
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My friends kitty is named Mara from Star Wars too . I had Anakin on my list of names but it just didn't fit the boy so we named him Akiem from Titan AE instead .
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lol I'm just glad hubby doesn't visit this forum, lol or all the names I picked would be OUT THE WINDOW
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