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pregnant so soon again query

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I have read some replies to my recent posts about my Tnkerbelle stating that having 2 litters within 3 to 4 months of each other is very dangeous. Please let me assure you that this situation is not what I intended.

Tomorrow I am seeing my vet to confirm whether mum cat is pregnant or not and to talk about a spay/abort (though this breaks my heart) if she is pregnant.

Can someone tell me what are the above mentioned dangers?

- Is mum cat at risk?
- I understand mum cat may not have had the chance to build up enough nutrients. Obviously the babies may be less healthy and the mortality rate may be higher. Is there any thing else I have forgotten to consider?

Has anyone's mum cat had 2 litters close together and the babies and mum cat turn out healthy and well?

Just want to know this information so I can make an informed decision tomorrow. Thanks guys. Your replies are appreciated.
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I'm so sorry that this has happened hon., but the truth of the matter is even though they are animals cats are just like human woman, their bodies need time to recover and recoop. Not only is having babies back to back dangerous for the babies but it is dangerous for the mama's health as well. Esp. as the mama gets older. The older the kitty the more at risk for cancer and just numerous other things.
Another thing to look at is this. The rate of ferals and cats in shelters. If you don't plan on keeping every single cat for yourself can you guarantee each and every cat a home and a secure place to live. Most of us can't do that, which just puts more cats on the street unattended to. Spaying/nuetering can be costly and if you already have that responsiblity for one mommy and her litter I wouldn't dare think about doing it twice. So between health risks and finances it is best to have her spayed whether she IS pregnant or not. I am so sure others will answer you on this but more than likely they will tell you the same.
At this point just give her love and comfort until you take her to the vet and be sure that whatever you feed her is very very nutritious.
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i had the same problem with Kitty. She got preg. about a month or so after her first litter and i didnt know it until i started feeling the babies moving the 1st of July so by that time it was to late to abort. I'll let you know how mine goes as soon as she has the babies... if she ever has the babies...
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they are coming Jessie. Just you watch and see!
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I know that Missy had a litter in the spring and when I got her in June she was probably 2 weeks pregnant. She was very skinny when we brought her home...so we fed her kitten food for awhile to help her put some weight on. Needless to say she had 5 healthy babies this weekend and she looks better now then she did 7 weeks ago So not that I think it is the best for a cat to have litters that close together....they can do it
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I think the problem is that you just don't know and you are taking a risk. Everything could work out perfectly, or there could be complications, the mother may need an emergency c-section which is not cheap! Or the mother and some kittens could pass away during birth...There are a lot of things to consider. Even if everything goes perfectly, you will need to care for all those kittens, buy more food, litter, vaccinate them, spay and neuter them, etc... That is a lot of money we are talking about. It is best, in my opinion to spay her now. That way you won't be risking anything by letting her go through with the pregnancy. Cat are not at all like humans, she will not know you aborted her babies and be mad at you. She will probably be grateful that she doesnt have to go through with another pregnancy all over again.
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