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ripping hair out.. thoughts?

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So I noticed a while ago that Tryon is starting to rip out hair on her back. It's in two spots, one on each side of her spine, about an inch or two inches up from her tail.

At first I thought it was fleas because I found a few on her. Treated her with frontline, no more fleas, still ripping hair out.

Most likely not stress since this started well before the move.

Thoughts on what this could be?
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Very wierd................what has your vet said ?
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There are a lot of things it could be - Molly has very sensitive skin, practically everything upsets it.

It could also be stress.

If your vet hasn't been able to help, please take her to another one. It really shouldn't be that much of mystery once they are looking at her.
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What is the kitty eating???

Have you read the skin condition article on TCS here>>??? It is quite good
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Where is the article on TCS? I looked under Cat Care and Cat Health, but didn't find it. My cat does this, too. I keep her on Advantage, tried different high-quality foods, etc. I assumed it was still from an allergy and was thinking about taking her in for allergy tests.
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My vet hasn't seen her yet because I'm dumb and slept through her appointment (We need a "kicking my own butt" smiley ) I've rescheduled her, but just figured I could get some other opinions in the mean time.

My thought was, since it's localized to the spot I saw her originally chewing for the fleas, could this be a flea bite allergy?

She's been on Eagle Pack for, hmmm.... I guess I've had her about a year now. Kibble seems to fall into two categories for her: gives her gas or "I'm not eating this and you can't make me!" Eagle Pack is the only one that doesnt give her stomach problems and she'll eat it. Only dry though. That girl will not eat any brand of canned food at all. She's a bit picky But she also drinks enough water, so I'm not too worried.
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Here is the case my Zoeys case
she had a hair pulling issue... it is called something alopetia ... Talked with my vet about the article here and she said well it could be a food allergy but she is on good food ... well I switched her to a no wheat formula and bingo no more major pulling I then later took out herring and she is a normal groomer now...

How long has this been going on??

It could be seasonal allergy or food or mites( had one dog with a weird mite)

In that food if it is anything but the duck and oatmeal ... I would supect corn and pork
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