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Bunnie vibes needed !

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Just heard my nieces bunnie (Bow) is having an op today
He has to have a blocked tear duct sorted and a cyst removed from his foot, he´s getting a bit old now (7 yrs) which is great for a bunnie, so we are all hoping for a great outcome !
So I´m sending my vibes all the way to Yorkshire (UK) to Bow the Bunnie
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sending good vibes for Bow the bunny
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Poor bunny! I hope everything turns out ok.
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Sending many good vibes to Bow....let us know how the operation goes!
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Eeeek! Sending many good get well vibes!
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Poor Bow. Sending {{{{{Healing Get Well Soon Vibes}}}}}
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All done and dusted
News from UK - Bow is now home
My niece is keeping him in the house for the mo, cos he´s feeling a bit sorry for himself
His leg had to be shaved for the removal of the cyst, so that looks a bit funny and he has a couple of disolvable stitches, check up back at vets in a few days. Tear ducts sorted and report is good !
Anyway he´s eaten a carrot so he´s defo on the mend Thanks all for the vibes ! !
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So glad everything went so good! I had a bunny and know that surgery is always risky for them. Tell your niece to give bunny a get well quick kiss from me.
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That's great news!

Out of curiosity, what caused the problem with the tear ducts? My bunny Loki is due for another tear duct flush on Monday because of his allergies, and I know others whose rabbits have had tear duct problems from chronic infections. Thankfully my vet can do them without sedation unless the ducts are really bad. Clogged tear ducts also tend to have secondary infections that not all vets look for.

Hopefully he won't need any more surgeries!
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Well, I asked my neice the same question..............and they are not so sure, the vet asked what sort of bedding did they use ............sawdust can cause all sort of problems, but they use a high quality hay bedding........which the vet said can have tiny tiny microbes in ? ? which can block tear ducts. He didnt advise them to change as there was nothing you can do about that. So basically the vet wasnt that certain as many tiny airborne particles from all sorts of things (bunny food, dust, pollen...........etc.................etc..........) can cause this and you just have to keep an eye on them !
Good luck for your bunnies visit to vets !!
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