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What was that?

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Interesting weekend …well sorta. We lounged around all weekend and played with our pups and our kits, ate lots and floated in the pool. I’m sure I gained weight as well lol. We slept in Saturday morning and around 10AM or so I woke up to this horrible hissy growly demonic cat howl sound. I popped up and thought to myself what the heck was that? All six of our fur-babies were in the room, both dogs sleeping away in their crates and four cats looking at me with huge innocent eyes like “what’s wrong mommy?†when I started looking at them all crazy like. None of them were hurt, and they weren’t startled at all. I never figured out what that noise was but ive never heard anything like it before. I didn’t think a cat could make that sort of noise. Kinda freaky… have any ideas what the critters may have been up to? Should I hold an exorcism? lol
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Perhaps it was only a dream?
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Originally Posted by yayi
Perhaps it was only a dream?
or a ghost ?
just kidding i vote for some kitty being bad
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I know for sure it wasnt a dream.. my fiance heard it too. He actually said he thought it was the kitties getting their mid-morning groove on.

I bet they were getting into some kind of trouble. Bull has started to take our glasses off the nightstand at night to go play with them. I found mind in the living room the other day next to a bottle cap...and a pepperment.
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LOL! Whitey has that look down!

He will bully the other cats who will growl at him, but that's it. They'll either lay down or run off and act all innocent with me.
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Congrats on being able to see well enough to find your glasses! Ari has never dragged them off, but has knocked them off the stand and I have to grope around for them.

Cats are good at the "instant innocent face" aren't they...
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I vote for your kitties being bad too, and they did leave you a little bit of evidence too! (even if they look innocent)
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