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Ninas babies

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Holton and Odin are doing fine. They are eating, using the litterbox and driving me crazy all night long
They do miss their mom though. Holton has started to suckle on Clyde. He will search around on Clydes belly looking for a nipple and once I think he latched onto Clydes private area. Today, I caught them both doing it. Clyde lets them do this until he has has enough, then he swats them. What should I do about this?




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Im not sure what to do about your little problem but i just wanted to say how beautiful those babies are. They are sooo cute. Little fluff balls.

x x x x
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Amy, you need to separate the kittens unless they are being closely watched. My foster agency lost an entire litter to this...the foster Mom had no idea it could cause such damage...it is bad for the kitten sucking to be ingesting waste. But it causes severe genital damage to the kitten being sucked on.

I don't remember how old Clyde is...maybe bitter apple spray from the pet store will help discourage this.

Poor little tykes, too bad one of your Mommies won't take them on...but I guess they have already raised their kittens and aren't wanting more.

They are just precious.

Edited to add: I found a pic of Clyde!
I would try to keep them away from him. But also separate them from each other, so they don't start on each other. Too bad CeeCee isn't still available!
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Thanks Beckiboo. All of my foster moms have been adopted. Clyde is about a year old and I am keeping them seperated. I don't see them do that to each other or Cassidy, just fat Clyde.
Other than that, they are doing fine.
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