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Very cool plans!

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Oh this is cool! August 16th my Mom and I should be part of a studio audience for a taping of Lets Cook with Paul Dillon for the Food Network!

Mom and I were watching the Food Network today while eating our own dinner at her house and I heard them mentioning it so I turned her comp on to see about how much tickets are because they are actually taping it in the town I live in. Well I went on, and they were free! If I read it all correctly, all we have to do is show up that day to collect our tickets and go on in! (we had to 'register' on line)

They are also having a drawing/contest thing and those winners will get to sit at the counter during the show, plus a night at the fancy hotel where they are shooting it and dinner at one of the nice restaurants in the hotel.

I'm so excited! Now what to wear!?!...........
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That is exciting! Congratulations.

I've been to some live tapings like that. They give out the tickets free to make sure they have a full audience for the taping. It is lots of fun. Enjoy!
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You are so lucky!

I want to go to Emil Live - someday!

I'd love to go to a cooking show like that!
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That would be so fun!! Cool!
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Thatt does sound very cool. I can't wait to hear how it goes!
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