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My cat Monty is actually a dog!

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I've always thought Monty was a little special in some way. He's pretty dog-like in the way he is aggressively cuddly, especially with the face-licking.

Today was a real scorcher in St. Louis with 100 degree weather. Even with the air conditioner blasting my apartment was apprently not cool enough for Monty. Add to that the fact that he was active and you get one precious panting cat-dog.

Monty looking fresh:

Taking a rest from playtime:

Putting the cat dancer in its place so he can rest:

Hardcore cat-dog:

Is it a cat? or is it a dog?
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Oh the poor things. It's towards the 90's up here in Michigan, but thank god we have a basement. Which of course where I live, so all the animals are down here. Which of course leads to interesting times.

I hope Monty is feeling cooler now, but had fun playing.
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I do not mean to get you nervous in any way shape or form but as a vet tech seeing a cat panting/open mouth breathing is never a good sign. I take it he was just doing so because of the 100 degree weather and hardcore playing. Sorry its just the whole vet tech taking over and being extra cautious when it comes to animals. Just monitor him and when he starts getting worked up just calm him down and let him relax, safer for him. Also I dont know how he will tolerate it but if hes got himself really warm, keep some rubbing alcohol on hand, put some on a cotton ball and apply to the pads of his feet. He may not like it but cats/dogs sweat through their pads and its the fastest way to cool an animal down. GOOD LUCK with the heat i'm feeling it over here on the East Coast too!!
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Thanks for your concern for my kitty. I assure you he is not ill, just a little hot. Panting when hot is a quite natural way to cool down. I'm sure other people who live in warm areas and who have crappy air-conditioning have seen their cats panting as well.
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Awww! How precious. Yea, the Zissou pants on her walks in the heat. Or if she runs around like a crazy cat.

I know they also stick their tongue out like that when they're nauseous, but usually their mouth is closed. Or at least my cat!

Poor Monticello. He sure killed that cat dancer, even in the heat!
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He definitely looks like a dog, esp. in the second pic.
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