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Live lobsters lead to jail sentence

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ROCKLAND - A city woman caught driving drunk with 136 live lobsters crawling around in her car was convicted Tuesday of burglary, criminal operating under the influence and criminal mischief stemming from a Nov. 14 crime spree.

Doreen M. Beerman, 44, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison, all but four months suspended, and four years of probation for two counts of burglary, and one count of aggravated criminal mischief. She received concurrent four-month sentences for additional counts of criminal mischief, theft, and failure to appear.

Beerman was also convicted of criminal OUI, receiving 12 days in jail, an $800 fine, and a license suspension for 18 months. Another 12-day jail sentence was imposed for operating beyond license restriction.

After her arrest, Beerman told Knox County Sheriff's Department Detective Reggie Walker that on the night of Nov. 14, she and her boyfriend, Bryce H. Larkin, 22, of Spruce Head went to Maine Coast Seafood in Spruce Head where Larkin forced the door open, stole the lobsters, and dumped them in the back seat of the car, according to court documents. The couple then returned to Larkin's home and began cooking the lobsters, but Beerman left for Rockland when they ran out of alcohol, she told police.

Rockland police Officer Don Finnegan stopped Beerman's vehicle that night for speeding, and noticed hundreds of live lobsters crawling around loose in her car, according to court documents. He also noticed that she was intoxicated.

Beerman also admitted to slashing the tires of cars in Rockland, Owls Head, St. George, South Thomaston and Spruce Head. Many of the victims had connections to Beerman and Larkin, some being former landlords and former girlfriends, according to court records. The slashings caused $5,637 damage.

Walker went to Larkin's home Nov. 15 and found many cooked lobsters in the kitchen and in the trunk of another car, but Larkin escaped from the police by running out the back door, court documents state. In March, a grand jury charged Larkin with theft, criminal mischief, aggravated criminal mischief and two counts of burglary. A warrant is still out for his arrest.
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That was one drunk lady! I'd be afraid to touch one; maybe you have to be loaded to drive around with them!
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It seems her last name is appropriate.
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It IS true! The 2 most common things in the universe ARE hydrogen and stupidity!
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