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My little Astrid Ray has been accidently scratching me lately - she has't taken any serious swipes at me, but she will bat at me if I am petting her and she gets overstimulated. I have tons of tiny scratches on my hands and they are really irritating me. I also get scratched at the adoption center where I volunteer - sometimes by little kittens just trying to get a grip. Still, it hurts.

I have been washing my hands frequently because of her - the litterbox, her food, keeping my hands clean before I pet her, before and after handling cats at the center and they are now dry as well.

I make sure to put peroxide on the scratches (ouch!) and I have been slathering my hands with Bag Balm but they just don't seem to be healing up. Any ideas? What do you use?

(And yes, I am going to get her nails trimmed.. )