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Left limb limping littermates

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Hi, all -
I have a question regarding a litter of kittens that we have been rearing since their birth 3 1/2 months ago. Friday night one of the kittens, a female, was trembling and lethargic. I determined that she was dehydrated from a recent round of giardia, for which they were all treated with Flagyl. She was also running a temp. I got her fluids back up and fever down, and by Saturday night she was playing again. However, while all of this was going on, she started favoring her front left leg and limping. After walking on it, it became so painful for her she didn't want to be touched or moved. I started her on leftover amoxicillin to get us through until the vet opens tomorrow. She's barely limping today and seems to be feeling back to her rambunctious self, eating and drinking normally as well. Early this afternoon, one of her healthier littermates started limping too - same leg, and another is barely showing a little tenderness. There has been no trauma. The only recent activity that could cause any sprains would be their new habit of jumping on and off the kitchen countertops, but it seems like a longshot that they would all strain or sprain the same leg at the same time.

Here's my question: Does anyone know of any condition that could contribute to this, that could be spread among littermates? Also, do you think it's just a coincidence that the amoxicillin helped? We're really stumped on this one. We have 8 regular kitten family members and are having an awful time keeping the kittens healthy AND finding them a home. I don't want the regulars to come down with this condition too.

Any thoughts? THANKS!!
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I don't know - my advice would be to call a vet/ER vet in case it should be seen immediately.
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I called our vet yesterday about the first one, she didn't think the limp was related. Now, however, the 2nd limper has a fever too. Just too coincidental. They should sleep until morning, then we can try to get an appt. I would just like to have some thoughts or ideas going in - I have a hunch it's going to be tough to properly diagnose. Thanks!
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Just in case anyone happened to read my post and was interested, the litter of kittens have calicivirus and are now on antibiotics and interferon therapy. I've never experienced so many illnesses in my life!!!
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Not a great way to start your day but at least they are being treated. Thanks for being such a good meowmy and getting these babies to the vet.
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