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I rented a house!

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Ted & I rented a house. 3 bedroom's ,living roon,dining room, a large fenced in yard, for our dog cody,a mud room ,for only $425.00 a month ! We will be moving in next weekend. I can't wait !
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Good for you, Sherral. Wish that I could get a deal like that - I'm paying $575.00 for a 2-bedroom triplex with a fenced yard.
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Holy cow! What a deal! We are paying $455 for a 1 bedroom apartment
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What's a mud room, Sherral?
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$425 a month! Holy jehosifats! We pay between $1000 and $1400 a month for a one bedroom pad here. I'm packing now! Where am I going!
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Same here!!! We rent a 2 bedroom house (all appliances except Central air) and we're paying $950/mo (plus all utilities).

But we have a really good location, 1/4 from the downtown area.
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Sam,a mud room is a room that is for people to stop an take thier shoes off ,before they come in the a closed in pourch.(sp)
I got really luckly on the price,most houses around here go for $600 and up. And this one is in a high rent area,it is a little run down,but not bad.Nothing a coat of paint won't fix,and she is going to have it done. Any way it is in VA
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Sounds nice. I am so glad you finaly got a place that you can be comfortable in.
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Congrats!! That is wonderful! A big house and yard!!
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Wow that's great! My husband and I are currently renting a singlewide 2 bedroom for $750 a month. We're hoping to move up to Dover (more jobs there) though and apartments there are $800-$900 for a two bedroom Hopefully though in 6 months we'll be able to buy a house. *Sigh* think of all the money you'll be able to save just paying that. I'm jealous
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Congrats!! That is wonderful! A big house and yard!!

any pic of the new place? ....
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Wow, that's great......we need pics!!
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Sherral, that is awesome! I'm so happy for you & Ted! You got by cheap...and I'm soooo envious!

Back home rent was cheap ($250 for a 3 bedroom) but when I moved to Lincoln, I had a rude awakening! A one bedroom apartment was $620! Luckily, I have a sweet boyfriend who agreed to live with me & that would cut costs for both of us. We actually move just last week into a new place & it's $545 + $25 for pets. It's a one bedroom but it has a finished basement.

You've gotta show us some pics of the new place, Sherral!!!
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You lucky little duck you!
How in the world did you find that great of a deal?!
Wow...I'm Jealous.
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WOW... I am renting to own and pay $700... and THAT'S CHEAP FOR HERE!
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Congratulations on the new home! may you have nothing but happy times there!!
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Wow! That is one heck of a deal! I had a 1 bdrm + den and I was paying $829 with no yard and it was teeny! (But then real estate in my area did go up 30% in the past few years... so it used to be cheap here... not anymore...)

So wow! I'm so very excited for you! Enjoy the new place!
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