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Diabetic cat?

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My vet as some concerns that my cat might be diabetic, he has suggusted getting some blood tests done, but we have been hesitate as she seems fairly healthy, just really lazy and we fear on what it'll cost us (treatment and test wise) anyway we're thinking of getting her tested as her dandruff problem is getting worse, and apparently this is a sign of diabetes. Has anyone had any experiences in this area, what does treatment usually consist of? how much does it cost a year to have a diabetic cat etc...
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I'm afraid I don't have any advice - I'm sorry you and kitty are going through this.

I suggest you do a search of the health forum - you should find all the old threads.

Good luck - and Welcome to TCS.
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Not diagnosing the problem doesn't mean it isn't there. It is much better to get a diagnosis and start treatment, as not treating a serious condition will add complications. This site talks about estimated costs and what to expect if your cat is diagnosed:
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