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Cat/Kitty's Birthdays?

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I love how so many people on this site celebrate their kitty's birthdays! I plan to do the same, but I probably already missed her "real" birthday! I'm such a bad mommy! I got her on September 9 of last year. I don't know her exact birthdate/age since I got her from a shelter, but I figure she was probably born maybe the 2nd or 3rd week of July of last year (from the approximate age my vet gave me). Should I just celebrate the day that I brought her home every year, or make up a birthday?
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I just do their gotcha day since I don't their exact ages. you're not a bad mommy! you could make up a birthday but it may be easier to remember their gotcha days. It is for me anyways.
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I also celebrate her "gotcha" day
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I only know of Neela's actual b-day( I adopted her from someone on THIS site).We found Blaze when she was about 5-6 weeks old.
Corwin's b-day is a mystery also.As we adopted him.
Malana's b-day is also a mystery.........we found her and her litter mates about a week ago in my dogs house.They were orphaned.
So, for those we don't know, we'll use their Gottcha days as thier b-days.
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Thanks for the opinions.....I will probably use her "Gotcha Day" as her birthday then. I do think it will be easier to remember! Whew! That gives me a little more time to get her some presents together...
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We don't know the precise birth dates of any of our girls, but we do know the month/year, so we've chosen a date in the relevant month that has special meaning for us. Suzy is August, so we let her borrow her Grandma's birthday (my Mum). Cindy and Fawn are May, and since it was through their other Grandma (Rob's Mum) that they came to us, they have borrowed her birthday.
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I only know Lucy and Clover's birthdays.. so we kind of use the "gotcha" day for Stinky and Sassy. Lucy is May 23rd, 1997, and Clover is April 15th, 2006.
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