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cat repellants

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Has anyone had experience with cat repellants? My 10 month old kitten plays on a large upper story deck. Up until Tuesday we could leave him there mostly unsupervised but then he figured out how to get down by jumping on a tree next to one corner of the deck. We've put all kinds of obstacles (planters, bricks, etc.) in the corner but Karnie is a very cleaver little siamese and we think he may be able to get past those so.....we're thinking about puting some cat repellant in the corner to keep him away. Has anyone had any experience with repellants? Would this work?
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It might be safer for this kitty if he weren't allowed to play here. With no netting to stop him, he could one day not use the tree and try to jump down. Cats can get hurt this way, even though the thinking is they always land on their feet and don't get injured.
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Maybe you could train your kitten to wear a harness and leash and go out on the deck with him for his safety.
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About cat repellants...we have tried one, and it worked. Casper and Kitty had a bad habit to hang on the curtains when they were smaller. We sprayed some repellant, and they stopped! What a relief for us. We've also used it for certain items and it seems to work. But you can also try citrus fruit pealings, cats are supposed to hate that smell. Casper and Kitty sure do, they're not going close to orange or lemon
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We've tried just about every brand on the market for both indoors and out and none has ever worked for us. However, I have seen in several of the pet catalogs outdoor kitty play yards - I believe there is one to use on the grass as well as one to use on decks and patios. This might be the safer and more reliable "repellant" for your kitty.
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