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Can't help but blame myself

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It is a sad day for me. I brought home two kittens the other day, and I was bottle feeding them. I have a friend who had a mommy cat and she said yeterday she would keep the kittens until they were weened. I checked on them today, Echo is doing fine. Yoda sadly was not. He was weak and couldn't move hardley. I brought him back home, in hopes he would eat from the bottle, but, he died shortly after we arrived home. Now, I think if I had just kept him he would be okay. I buried him by Jonah, and I know he is in a better place. I still feel like it is my fault.
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I am so sorry for your loss, and for your sense of guilt.

Please try to realise that this is not your fault - not every kitten makes it. We all just get a lifetime - sometimes it's just not very long.

Rest in Peace Yoda, play happily at the bridge.
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Aw, rest in peace, little Yoda! If you read up about others who rescue the tiny kittens, they sadly don't always make it. I think you did your best, and that is all that you could do! I'm sorry you lost a baby. Prayers that Echo continues to thrive.
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Condolences on your loss of Yoda He left his earth with the path to Rainbow Bridge alight with your love, and that is the best gift that he could have. You did what you felt was right, and since the mama-kitty's care was probably the best thing he could have had (real cat milk & at the right temp,etc), he must have been born with too many challenges to overcome. RIP, sweet angel kitty
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Sorry for your loss of little Yoda. Try and not to beat yourself up - you did what you felt was right and cared for the little guy. RIP, Yoda. Play happily over the Bridge.
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please don't beat yourself up about it..it's not your fault. he knew you loved him and will be waiting for you at the bridge. you did the best you could and thats all you can do. rest in peace little guy.
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Don't blame yourself because you did nothing wrong. Yoda was wanted over at Rainbow Bridge that's all

Have fun over the bridge Yoda sweetie, all the kittens are waiting for you to play with

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Poor Yoda, I'm sorry to hear about his loss. Console yourself with the fact that if it hadn't been for you, then they both probably would've died out on their own. At least Echo is still alive and well, and Yoda passed on knowing you both tried and did what you could, and he had love in his little life.
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I am so sorry to hear this, but it truly isnt your fault. You gave them the best chance possible, but sadly not all kittens make it.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Please know that your kitty is playing happily on the bridge. Take care.
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RIP little boy - play happily at the bridge
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