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What is your weakness?

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Junk food I am talking about!!

For me?

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Cheetos Cheese Puffs
Iced or Frozen Mochas
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Milk chocolate truffles -

And too many other things that got me to my weight today!!!
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Anything chocolate
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candy and anything chocolate. I love truffles, too.
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Anything Chocolate
Cherry Cheese cake
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Ooooooh... Graeter's Ice Cream, also the Cheetos, popcorn, Pringles... too much!
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I forgot to add pizza and soda, ice cream, pringles the loaded baked potato kind and the cheese 'ums kind. cheese puffs, popcorn..I could go on and on
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Ohh I forgot all about Cheesecake!! Ever hear of The Cheese Cake Factory? I dont know if there are more or if it is local only but it is a huge restaurant with a great menu and wonderful cheesecake!! I ordered Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake last time I was there!! Yum!
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anything you can think of.
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Unfortunately, fry it, I'll eat it I love anything breaded and deep-fried, like vegetables especially
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Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide Ice Cream. YUUUUMMMYYY!!!
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I'm not really one of those to die for food people, I'm usually pretty picky, don't like choclate candy, usually lifesavers Most of the candies I like are fat free and I have no idea why, I do like to eat but for some reason nothing ever tastes like I think it was going to And if I really want something then for sure it's never what I thought... I'm nuts
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Plain semi-sweet chocolate chips!

I eat them by the handful. Then I go and complain about my weight.
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Chocolate (duh!)

Shopping - Victorias Secret, AE and Express.

Chips - any kind, if there is a bag of them around the apartment, I'll eat the whole bag in like 2 days.... I can't help it! Truly addicted.
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Anything sweet... cakes, donuts, muffins, pies and ice cream. French fries and pizza are a big weakness of mine too.
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Definitly chips, chocolate and coke!
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Anything chocolate of course (I knew you were all my kind of people!!), whipped cream, and CHEESE CAKE!! There's a Cheese Cake Factory?!! Oh, that sounds beyond heavenly!! My ultimate weakness is the Jello No-Bake cheese cake with whipped cream on top and organic oreos crumbled over the top.
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