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sagging tummy

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is this a sign that she has had kittens in the past? thanks.

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I don't think cat has a sagging tummy and hasn't had kittens...I'd be interesting to know why as well. My cat hasn't been over-weight either!
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from what i know of my cats history, she has never been overweight either, and hasnt been fixed or had any other surgery.
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There was a thread about this a little while ago
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thanks for the link to that thread anakat, but it seems to suggest that its something that occurs after a cat has been spayed/neutered, which mine has not, or did i misinterpret the thread?
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No, it's not necessarily due to being spayed, as male cats get fat sacks, too.
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thats why i said spayed/neutered, the other thread suggests thats why they get it, females after getting spayed and males after being neutered.
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I think "spay sway" as its called (regardless of why or even the sex of the cat) is the equivalent of human love handles.

The Zissou has it. It's funny to see her, she's such a skinny girl but she'll come running toward you and her spay sway will actually jiggle side-to-side.

I don't know if having babies make them more likely. Is this the same 8-mo-old kitten you're getting from a vet tech who didn't get her spayed yet?
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yes, thats the one.
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Our Bijou has quite the "sway". Mika, as tiny as she is, also has it although to a lesser degree than Bijou. They are still adorable though.
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Olivia is the only one of our cats who doesn't have one. But she is thin as a rail still.
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OMG Anakat!! A "sporran"!!! That is the awesomest thing ever. Henceforth Zissou's "spay sway" is named her sporran as well. Her mommie's from the "mutt clan" so it's so apt for my moggy girl! (Provided you don't mind me stealing your awesome name for it)

(Okay, I just realized this doesn't make sense--- it's from the link provided of the other thread about the spay sway...)
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Hi, both of my girls have the saggy belly syndrome (both are spayed). Tipper (gray-white tiger) got a little over weight after we first got her and we did free feeding and then developed quite the saggy belly after her spay. Now she not overweight but she still has quite the saggy belly still. Professor is a tiny little thing but has developed a saggy belly in the last three months even if shes at normal weight. So i wouldnt be worried about it!

Tipper and Proffy's mum, Anjya
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Dumb question but if she isnt spayed whats to say she is with kittens??
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shes has always been an indoor so i wouldnt think so.....also, shes not fat, just saggy, it looks like extra skin to me, not fat. btw sharky, have voted on her name yet?
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