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Pet chickens crossed the bridge!

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My little catlady dd's best friend raises chickens. Two weeks ago, raccoons got in and killed her rooster Fudge. She was going to show him at the fair in 4-H. Today, her dog got into the chicken pen and killed her chicks Licorice and Candy. The adult chicken, Honey, got loose and something else killed her!

The only bird left is a young peacock named Tim.

Their young owner is pretty sad, and of course angry at the dog. I feel very bad for her, because she and her Mom were very excited about these little birds.

Rest in peace, Fudge, Honey, Licorice, and Candy.

Here is a pic of Honey (brown) with Candy (gray).

And one of Honey, Licorice (black) and Candy.

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Awww poor little chickens, I'm so sorry for your friend. I know how she feels, in May a fox got into our coop and took all five of our girls in the night. It's heartbreaking
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Your poor friend!

It must be horrible having your beloved pet dog kill your other beloved pets.

My heart goes out to her.
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Aww, I feel for her. I am sorry.
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I am so sorry for this sad loss.

Rest in peace in chicken heaven little lives.
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That is TERRIBLE Racoons They can be so aggressive - i had one break in thru a window & enter the house last year - it took the horsewhip to drive him out, he was that cocky As for the dog killing the other birds, it's time for your friends to get a copy of the DVD "The Dog Whisperer - Cesar Milan" I speak from experience - our dogs started with our chickens and turned on our cats - it's taken eliminating all snacks and goodies, including human scraps & canned food & insistence on obedience to keep them in check.
Enjoy all the dust baths you want over RB, precious chickies - and say hello to my Peggy, Turk-turk, and all the others for me.
Condolences to your friend's daughter. This is such a tragedy. My remaining hens are pets, too - the handymen can't get over how friendly they are - chickens can be such sweet pets.
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That's sad They'll be having all the corn they could want over the bridge right now
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Thanks all. We spent time with dd's friend yesterday, and she seems to be handling her losses well. Poor little chickies. I'll let her Mom know about the Dog Whisperer...or there is another dog trainer called the Dog Listener.

Again, thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
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DD's friend is visiting, and we read through the posts together. I also told her about the Rainbow Bridge. She would like to say....

"Thank you for your posts. I will look into the Dog Whisperer and the Dog Listener. I'm dealing really good with my losses. Mom and I think that Lucy, our dog, wasn't getting enough attention. And that is why she played with the chickens until they died. She has been leaving our peacock Tim alone.

Thank you for your thoughts...Mickey Moo aka Chicken Lady"
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