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Litter Fascination?

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Whitey has this odd fascintation with brand new litter. He's actually dug into the 40 # box I bought a while back and also last night systematically unscrewed the cap off the jug of litter. I actually had a good laugh watching him do this.
Plus I had just cleaned out their litter box this morning...so its not like he was short on new litter

Anyhoo, I just think its odd that a cat would be fascinated with litter. I've only seen cats do this with catnip!
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maybe someone sneaked some catnip into the litter.
hehe must be something in there that he likes.
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My Pepper just loves catnip...we have a small bag of it and theres now a bunch of tiny bite marks in there...hmmmm....I wonder where those came from....
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Hmm...I wonder if there is catnip in litter....it would make a lot more sense!!

He is king of the toilet, since he is the man of the house.
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Milo and Sturgis (both males) had a fascination with the litter box when they were younger (I have also had it with several male foster kittens). I think it is just being little boys and "playing in the bathroom" is a fun game (my nephew went through the same stage).
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When my cats were younger, I brought in a huge bag of litter and left it in the hallway for the next days litter changing. When I woke up the next morning, they had litterally shredded the bag open and it was ALL OVER the floor. Now when its brought in (for 7 litter boxes) I have put the bags up because if its left out for any length of time, they start scratching on it.
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