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Food and weight questions

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Hello all--

When we first got Georgia a year ago, we tried free-feeding her Premium Edge Adult Formula-- she ate it almost non-stop and put on quite a bit of weight. The vet suggested that we give her measured amounts of diet food, so we switched her to 1/2 cup of Chicken Soup Lite a day. Georgia would finish all of it, and she lost maybe a pound.

After a while, she seemed to lose interest in the Chicken Soup, so we tried feeding her Premium Edge Weight Control. For a while, this sparked her interest and she was back to finishing her meal. Recently, however, she seems to have lost interest in it, too-- she's eating about 1/3 cup a day. The oddest thing is that she hasn't lost a pound!

Georgia is an indoor-only cat, but she's extremely active. She seems totally fine-- she looks healthy (if a bit overweight), and she's just as playful as she's always been. She's still drinking normally. Could Georgia just be bored with the food again? What would you recommend? She won't touch wet food or tuna juice--only dry. Why might she still be overweight, when she's eating so little and running around so much? I'm planning to take her to the vet this week, but I'd like to know your thoughts. Thanks!
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I would consider having bloodwork done to see if she has hypothyroidism. If she is eating and acting fine, why are you worried how much she eats? She may not be crazy over the food she's getting, but at least she's eating. The average adult cat should eat about 1/2 cup a day...so 1/3 cup a day isn't too drastic
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I'm worried because according to the Premium Edge feeding guide, for her "weight class," she should be eating 1/2-2/3 cup in order to lose weight, and she's eating maybe 1/3 and staying the same.
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If he is still remaining the same at that little amount of food, I would definatley find out if he has hypothyroidism. Meds will help with the weight loss if that is the case.
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