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Merlin picture

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I am going to try to post this picture..but it may not work...bear with me if it doesn't.
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Well, it didn't post the actual picture...but I guess you can click on the link.
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Debby, the link didn't work for me.
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Darn it, I wanted to see this kitty too!
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Well works fine for me. Guess I need more practice.
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Debby, try this: copy and paste the URL of the picture and put image brackets in front of it and behind it. Hopefully, we will be able to see Merlin then.
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Okay Lorie...I will try it.

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Can you see it???? I can!
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I can't see it.
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Awww shucks...well I give up. Hissy has offered to post it and a couple others for me, so I sent them to her.
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Really Debby someone ought to report you! LOL What sweet looking kitties you have there.

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Awww... So precious...
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I love your kitties! They are very cute, and you can tell they are very well cared for...... and spoiled! Who's the white one?
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Cute kitties!!
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Aww Debby your babies are gorgeous!!
I think the first two are Merlin, and the white one is snowball right??
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Oh my, aren't they just adorable!!! How precious!!
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Very nice pics of very nice kits!
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Thanks guys! I'm rather proud of them myself!

The little white one is Snowball....I got him from a guy at work. The picture of him was actually taken last summer...he is all grown up now.. but I couldn't resist showing it, as it is such a cute picture of him! The ones of Merlin are a bit older too. I have two rolls of film I have taken recently of my babies, I have many more cats than those two, but I keep forgetting to take the film in to be developed. I have so much else on my mind!

When I get the new film developed I will show more recent pics! (With Hissy's help, of course! Thanks Hissy!!! )
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Oh Debby - Merlin looks like he is king of the castle there, ruler of the table, and lord of the bed! Snowball is a sweetie as well. I am glad that Hissy got 'em here for you! I can never get my pics to post either
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Debbie, They're great pictures! Merlin is a very handsome kitty, and I think he knows it! And Snowball is as cute as can be. Hey, everyone, would a Kodak cd be helpful to Debby? I don't have a scanner or a digital camera. Would it be helpful to me too? Debby, you and I absolutely have to get into the 21st. century! At least I'm not alone; I'd feel even sorrier for myself if it weren't for you!
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Jeanie....the very sad thing is that I actually do own a scanner it for Christmas, and have not taken the time to hook it up and try to figure out how to use it!!!

My sister-in-law has one, and she keeps saying she will come over and help me with it, but so far we haven't done that. I am a bit afraid to try it myself, I would probably screw something up! I have no clue how to use there it sits, still in the box!
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What sweethearts! Your Merlin looks like my Gweeky! I hope he is not as "evil" as my Merlin!
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