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Chucky is Nursing? :)

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My newest foster, Goliath seems to think Chucky (one of my adult male residents) is his mother Soooo cute & sooo sweet of my Chucky to be patient with this little one.

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Aww, what a good "mommy" Chucky is!
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lol. "It TASTES like a mommy, but nothing's coming out!"
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What a sweet guy to let him do that.
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Wow, I could see a female maybe doing that, but a male?? Good for him!!!
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Awww Chucky is so sweet being so patient. What a lovely boy
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Awwww, Cute!!!
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What a sweety!
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Awww... Tiger used to let Lily nurse on him and also his mother's 2nd litters babies
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What a way to get a belly rub!
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Davidson used to do that to Harley when we 1st got him!

Harley would just lay there, while Davidson would kneed on his stomach - I guess it was a good belly rub!
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I had a male that would let new kittens do that. His nipples even grew some although this male should have been a female since his coloring was tortie. It was just strange.
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AWWW, that's amazing! Hope there's no teething going on!
What a sweet sweet cat!

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Giving Chucky extra-love tonight for being so patient with Goliath. Goliath was at adoption center but showed aggressive behavior towards the other kittens/cats there when he was let out of his cage...also, didn't do too much but hide. to foster care Goliath goes and that's why he is here.

I did keep him caged for 24-hours so he could see how happy my other 5 foster kittens are but when I let him out of his cage, Goliath insisted on hanging-out with my 10 resident cats/kittens...most of them older & larger than himself. It seems to me Goliath wants his mother Very sad.

He will remain here until adopted rather than go back to the adoption center and he sure loves Chucky...found them wrapped-up together this afternoon
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