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I named my kitty Scratch because when we were driving home after we got her, the song Cat Scratch Fever was on the radio. :P

Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Scratch is the most mild mannered kitty I've ever met.
That's just like with my kitty! She has never bit/hissed/scratched at anyone.

For my rainbow bridge kitties:
JC: When we first got her we couldn't think of a name, so we started calling her Just Cat but shortened that to JC.
Flash: My brother named her after a superhero of some sort, I think.
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Nightcrawler- When my fiancé moved down here in 03 he was still healing from the loss of his solid white cat Sunny. To help him heal I suggested we get a kitten. He ended up picking out a tiny solid black male kitten and named him Nightcrawler after a high school nickname of his. He sadly had a very short life with us and passed away at barely a year old.

Samuel- Three weeks into Nightcrawlers life with us he was driving me insane. His favorite pastime was to hunt and attack MY bare feet. He needed a playmate so we got a second kitten. I went through a dozen names until my fiancé yelled at me and said I had ten seconds to name him or he would go back. I yelled out Sam and it has stuck ever since. It soon became Samuel and then Samuel Lenard Catson after watching a Samuel L. Jackson movie. lol

Stormy- After Nightcrawler passed away Samuel was a lonely boy. we decided he needed a new buddy and ended up bringing home two tiny girl kittens, Stormy and Angie. Stormy (Storm ball) got her name because she was a little black fluff ball as a kitten only she had a tiny little white spot by her left ear. That is her little rain cloud.

Angie- Angie’s name is really Angel because she has two black spots on her back right where an angels wings would be. Her name later became Angelica LeeAnne Catson because Samuel has always been close to her since the day she came home. We joke that she is his wife.

Bull- Samuel and Angie had kittens this last march. Bull was the firstborn and he was such a stinker from the moment he popped out. I tried to move him to the side while Angie was giving birth to his brothers and sisters but he was literally up and crawling just an hour after he was born. Being frustrated and tired I said “this lil guy is so bullheaded it’s unreal!†It stuck and so did he. In keeping with the tradition of long corny formal names he is now Bullyard Brunsworth Catson.
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I wanted a somali name for Mosi (him being a Somali cat) but couldn't find any I liked so settled for a swahili name (close!). Mosi means first born and he was the first of his litter to be born, and it was his mum's first litter. After I chose it I found out it is also an american indian word meaning cat, which is nice. It also rhymes with nosy which is very apt - he gets called nosy mosi a lot. The M also fits in with his mum and dad whose names both begin with M too.

Jaffa was so named because he's orange. I also read about a cat called Jaffa who was winning the household pet category in a lot of shows over here at the time and liked the name. His full name is Jaffa Cake Stripey Paws
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Gizmo got her name because when I first saw her at 4 weeks old she looked like a little Gremlin.

Egor got his name because when he was a baby kitten his head was so large and his eyes were so big my son said it reminded him of Dr. Frankenstiens Egor.

Button was named by my daughters BF.

Jasper was named by my daughter.

Moochie was named because he was such a Mooch for food when he was a baby. He also is called Moochacho by my BF.

Charmin was named because her fur was so soft like Charmin TP

Uno was named because she was the only kitten born in a litter

Jasmine was named after a cat we had when my kids were little.

Bob was named because well he just looked like a Bob.

Penelope was named after a suggestion I got on here on what to name her.
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Lee name Phenom after his go kart chasis. Then we got Phantom and Phantom Racing Chasis makes the Phenom and Phantom seemed like a good fit so we have Phenom and Phantom. Plus the dog named Bandit after go karts too! LOL
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Interesting and fun reading how we all named our cats!

Pyewackett was named after a cat that belonged to a so-called witch that was executed during Puritan times. He bewitched me at first sight, so it fit.

Misty was named by my then 7 yr old daughter. We had to change his name to MR Misty after his "package" finally descended a few weeks later.

Kahlua was named after the drink by my husband, her fur had that Kahlua & cream look to it, browns and tans all swirled together.

Although VooDoo is the sweetest big muff of fluff around, she always looks like she's up to something devious.
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I like themes, so I'm on a Greek Mythology theme right now
Pandora- fit because she's black & white, like a Panda bear, and she likes to get in trouble!! I mostly call her Pandy or Pandemonium
Antigone- she's a tiger-striped girl, I call her mostly Tig or Tigalicious
Demeter- had a hard time picking out another girl's name, but it fits her, I call her Meme for short, actually I shriek it: MEME!!!!!!!!!
Ismene- in mythology, Ismene is Antigone's sister, and they are marked very similarly, her nickname is Iz or Izzy
Zeus- that's just a cool name! my little Zeusel Streusel
Medusa- also a cool name! she's black, so it just seemed to fit
Sapphire- came with her name, almost changed it to Pixie or Princess, I still mostly call her Princess or Sapphy
newest additions, not yet in sig:
Nike- little baby girl, who won't stop moving! Nike is the goddess of victory, so I figured it was appropriate
Eros- god of love and boy is this little guy a snuggle-bunny, just last night, on his third night with me, i picked him up and he promptly fell asleep on my shoulder purrs like a motorboat too, I have a feeling he is going to be very special to me
and lastly,
Jinx- she came with this name also, and knows it very well, so I won't change it, besides, I kinda like it
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LuckyGirl was named by my husband... we found her and she was starving, eating moths, with no tail.... my husband (formerly known as "the cat hater") said well we can't just leave her here, she'll die. So we agreed to take her home from FL to PA and at a minimum, get her to a vet and turn her into a no kill shelter to be adopted. Jazzy & I wanted to call her Puss in Boots, cause she has high white boots on her back legs... but hubby said "nope, if she comes home with us, we're calling her lucky, cause she's lucky she found us, and she's lucky she only lost her tail. So, we called her Lucky, and mostly we call her LuckyGirl, cause we always say "aren't you a lucky girl???" and "who's a lucky girl?" and she responds to that... But really, we are the lucky ones, I couldn't have asked for a greater love in my whole life than LuckyGirl....she is my hero, my baby, & my best friend, and I can't imagine how I ever made it this far without her.
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My baby, Willie..who by the way I'm about to update on about(about his trip to the vet and he was left with nueralogical problems) was nameda few days after we bought him.

I thought I would wait to name him to see what his personality was like. I kept calling him a silly willie and I guess that just stuck. I thought about Willie, and then I realized"Willie Wonka" but I had to chose between one of the two: Willie or Wonka. I chose Willie. My sister wanted to name him Jack and my brother wanted to name him chicken(LOL), but we went with Willie!
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Fun thread!

Tink - We found her abandoned by her mom at 2 weeks old and took her in. She was so tiny and delicate...Erik came up with Tinkerbell, after the pixie in Peter Pan. It fit her so well, and it still does. She's so dainty and pretty.

Minnie - We thought it'd be cute to stick with the Disney theme, so we threw around some ideas and my brother came up with Minnie (because of her markings). At first I didn't like it because I haaaate Minnie Mouse...but it's a great fit for her and I couldn't see her named anything else now.

Jazmine - I came up with this name, again in the Disney theme. I thought it'd be so cute to call her Jazzy for short. It's a perfect name for her too, because she's our girly-girl...I often call her Princess Jazmine, lol, what a coincidence.

Trixie - We got away from the Disney theme with her, but stayed in the cartoon genre. My mom came up with her name...she has three legs and runs EVERYWHERE she'd think she'd have all her legs by how fast she is. We started laughing and called her Speed Racer before she got her name...then my mom thought of Trixie, his girlfriend (my mom was a huge Speed Racer fan growing up). It's a cute, playful name...and it fits her personality.

Figaro - He's the token male in our household now. He was originally named Hercules, because he's a big, strong cat...but we decided it didn't fit him and we're saving it for our first dog. I thought of Figaro, the cat from Pinocchio, and it fit him too well to pass up.
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Our kitty, Wick, used to be called Mittens by her former owners. They had her until she was 11. My brother was catsitting for that family and they decided that they didn't want her anymore and paid him to keep her. The name "mittens" came from her white paws. She was named by a 5 year old. no offense to anyone, but my family has never been big on that type of name- too obvious and cutesy- so my brother renamed her. Here's what he wrote in his livejournal about naming her.

"I have named my cat. She will be named Ueki, after one of my favorite characters/rolemodels' middle name, as she embodies much of what I value in that character. Patience, the ability to remain pleasant and calm through adversity, blissful ignorance. Only complains about her food--yearns for the high life, too lazy to work for it--and things like being held upside down. And even then, just whining, no fighting. And if she must fight she wins, I'd wager. Anyway. She will be Ueki, but that is hard to pronounce, so in normal everyday practice I will call her Wick, and it will be cute and androgenous, much like my cat."

ETA: for those who don't know, the reason we're getting her is that my brother is fulfilling his life's dream and moving to Japan. So we're taking kitty, seeing as we've wanted a cat for ages anyway.
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When my boyfriend and I went to the Humane Society to pick out a cat, we already had it in mind that we would adopt two kitties, a boy and a girl, and name them Spike and Drucilla after characters on the television show Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. We had been told it was best to find cats close in age, and to have at least two cats because then they could keep each other company while we were both at work. When we got to the shelter, there weren't any brother/sister pairings (or older male/female pairings who had always lived together and shouldn't be separated), but there was this one tiny orange kitten who grabbed onto my arm and wouldn't let go. We thought, Okay, we'll take him home and name him Spike, and then we'll come back later and see if a little girl kitty has come in. (He was originally named Martini, which I quite liked but which didn't fit out Buffy-obsessive theme. )

About six months later we returned in search of a second, female, kitty that we could name Drucilla. This time the only female cat available was a beautiful polydactyl whose description stated that she was good with small children; since we didn't have any small children and we knew a cat like her wouldn't be kept waiting for her forever-home for long, we took a pass on her (she would have made a lovely Drucilla, though). Instead, a scruffy stray caught our eye, and once again, I had a kitten who wouldn't let go of my arm. He'd obviously been a stray -- nasty coat and far too thin -- and it was clear he had decided to come home with us, so we made plans to adopt him in place of a female cat. When we got home, we brainstormed over another Buffy-themed name and settled on Oz (I was going for Rupert but I was out-voted). The name the shelter gave him was Russell, but I don't think it suited him.

As for nicknames ...

Spike is Spikie, Spike-a-doo, Spike-a-doodle, Spikels, and, quite frequently, The Orange Menace. He responds to Spike or Spikie, and for some reason, we usually call his name in a sing-song voice.

Oz is Ozzie, Ozmodear (Ozz-moh-dee-arrrrr), Ozmodeus, Ozalot, Ozling, Ozletov and Ozzle. He looks at you if you call him by name, but unlike Spike he won't come a-runnin'. We exist to amuse him, not the other way around.
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Meir, I called after an Israeli friend of mine.

Tickle 'n' Patch I named after these two because They are spitting image of them.

and I did call Swift,Sweep originally but that didn't suit him,so he had a swift of white fur going roung his ear so I called him swift.
Raffles was called Sooty but that didn't suit him either,he is a bit of a rogue so I called him Raffles after the tv show 'Raffles'

Oh Nicknames

Meir aka Mimi aka bloata(cos he's always eatin)

Patch aka Patchybells
Tickle aka Tickymunga

Swift aka Swiffy aka mini-mimi
Raffles aka Raffy
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When we got Harley as a kitten last year, John just got his 1st Harley Davidson motorcyle - and Harley matched the personalitiy of a motorcyle when we got him - fast and loud He would run all over the apartment and had the loudest meow and purr, fit perfectly. Plus, he had the attitude

When we got Davidson a month ago, it just fit ..... Harley & Davidson

I mostly call him Little One or Fluffy Butt , he doesn't respond to anything yet... he's still baby! But he's learning!
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My girl is named hendrix. Yes after Jimi Hendrix. He is thebest guitarist ever.
I rescued her from the vet clinic I worked at and thought she was a boy. Hendrix just stuck after I found out she was a she.

My new addition to my family Joplin. He is a boy 8 weeks old. Just a pure love. Yes I am a fan of Janis Joplin.

In two years I will get another girl named Marley. Yes after bob!

Im an oldies music girl. Ha Im 19 btw.
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Pandora - a cat that I had years ago, named because she was so curious.
Whiskers - my sweet Whiskers was named by my son.
Loki - my father is Swedish, and Loki is the Scandanavian god of mischief - definitely fits! He's into everything and super nosy! His nicknames are Babycakes, Honey, Lolo and LokiPo.
Jacob - named by my daughter Erica. She likes "J" names - her chinchilla is named Joey. Jacob also goes by Jakey, JJ and Jacob Jingleheimer! If you start singing the "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" song, he comes running - he loves it because it has his name in it!
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Well the newest addition to our family is named Nala...My kids thought
of it because they watched the Lion King and they liked the name
and it stuck with us
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Well I always thought Molly was a pretty name and I wanted to name a pet that, and when I saw my baby girl I knew it totally fit. Then Polly came because my mom and I were talking about how Polly has a little extra toe and the word for that is "polydactyl" which I thought was super cool, so then we decided to call her "Polly."
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Willow - she was silky soft and was the same shade of the fuzzy leaves of the Pussy Willow tree in the spring. If I'd known her true temperment I'd have pushed for Attila, lol

Buffy - spent a month trying to find the perfect name, until my family forced me to pick Buffy (after all, we already have a Willow, lol [BtVS thing]). Turns out it was the perfect name, she fits it to a T, lol

Molly - went 2 months while we searched for the perfect name without any success. Then one night "Molly" popped out of my sister's mouth and we both knew it was THE ONE. And therefore, she's been "Molly" ever since, lol
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Velvet- she got her name on the way home from the animal shelter. The song "black velvet" came on the radio- and it was a perfect fit!

Abilene- she got her name along with her sisters- i wanted to give all of them very southern names...we wound up with Abilene, Eva, Lace, Satin, and Drama (drama a southern name didn't do her justice - she got a great home with my sister, and the other girls were all adopted into wonderful homes except Satin...she passed away from feline herpes..)

Jasmine- I adopted jasmine as an adult cat, and that was the make her previous owners had given fits her too- she's as pretty as a flower

Isabella- Bella means beautiful, and my little Isabella is my little princess..she is one of the most gorgeous kitties i've ever laid eyes on...I thought about naming her Lola when i adopted her, but Isabella just fit her- she's a little princess
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Oscar, because:

1. It is the only name he responds to back when he was a kitten
2. He has such a bad boy attitude, I feel it suits him
3. Folks here say Oscar is no name for pet, but what the hey, he is soo handsome girls fall for him, so he deserves a human name

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Rocket because he was only 10 weeks old when we got him and he used to run from one end of the room to another.

Mica means "pretty fruit" in Japanese according to my husband. He liked her name and I agreed because I loved the Yosmite's girl Mika.
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One of my cats is named Tuah - which means Luck in malay. He was abandoned at my vets' - I called him Tuah because I was lucky to find him and he was lucky to find me.
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Oh, this thread sounds like fun!

Willie was named because I kept calling him a silliewillie when I first got him home. So then, Willie stuck. My brother and sisterinlaw wanted to call him Chicken. oh, and it was such a "HARD" decision for Willie or Chicken. LOL

Tina(I don't talk about him much because I get all sad) who is now resting over the rainbow bridge, was named because when we first got hikm, we named him Tiny, but then he got too big for his name! It's actually pronounced (Tie-na)

Fuzz, welkl shes just a big fuzzball!
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Cleo was named after a real person. I work in the Social Service field. Cleo is a very attractive young woman whom I worked with about 20 years ago. My cat is beautiful too.
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Duke was named by my Grandmother, she thought he looked like a Duke (whatever a Duke looks like)
Sibohan is Old Irish meaning "God is gracious" She was injured, alone and found by somone and bought to the SPCA. SHe was gods little gift to me so god was gracious in giving her to me.
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Zoey - after a sesame street character. My daughter was 2 and wanted to name her big bird. We talked her out of that one and compromised on another SS character.
Peanut and Snickers - Food!
Pebbles - We voted and originally wanted to name her Skittles (another food), but Pebbles won. Now we all say it should have been Skittles. Too late to change it now. She's messed up enough emotionally already.
Chance - little foster man already had his name.
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Well Carl came with his name, but he was originally Coral (for Coral Springs where they found him--er, her). They thought he was a she, and after finding his man-parts, they just started calling him Carl so as not to confuse him.

We kept it b/c it fits him--he is just a Carl. Hubby gets endless delight in coming home and saying, "Good to see you CARL" from Billy Madison. Cracks him up every time.
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