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I do cat rescue and rescued 2 litter mate kittens approximately 3 weeks old about 9 weeks ago. Both had severe upper respiratory infections and my Vet doctored them back to health. One had to be tube fed and then I took over with the bottle feedings. This little guy (Eian) has never been very big I felt due to this set back. his stomach is increased in size to a point of major concern. He is approximately 12 weeks old and half the size of his litter mate. My Vet has done an FIP Test, a blood panel and a liver panel. NOT FIP (thank goodness)and I believe the liver panel was fine. He has elevated protein. He was able to remove some fluid from the abdominal cavity. He has now doing his research as he is at a loss and contacting outside Vets. He is an Awesome Vet and I feel best in our area. (A city of 50,000) This summer we have had,out of the ordinary,a larger number of problems. Ranging from FIP to Portal Hepatic Shunt. Very Very Concerning! Any input would be greatly appreciated! Les