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OK I will try that and if it seems TOO cool in there I will try somethng else. Right now it seems like a sauna in there!
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I know how you feel. My kitties are now on their third day (we had close deliveries!). I had the air off the day they were born until I thought I was going to die and had to shut the house up and turn the air back on. I set the thermostat for 79 but feels soooo much hotter than that! I want to turn the fan on so bad but don't want them to be too cold. I know at 79 they are fine because mom is so good about staying close and when I feel them they are very warm and contented. I still desperately want to turn the fan on but will bare it.

Your kitties are so much bigger than my 3-day olds. Luckily they are gaining weight even though they came to early.
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man she did have big babies, mine look to be about half their They are so tiny!!
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Maybe my scale is off, (I couldn't afford a $30 digital one so I got a small kitchen scale) and I weighed them today and they are all around 4 oz. The one I was worried about-the first born-is just under 4 oz and the other 2 are just over 4 oz. They move around alot so I have to see the weight quickly, but it is just over 4 oz. for the 2. AND if I am right, it seems like there are 2 girls and 1 boy.
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OK--I just put a 10 oz bag of candy on the scale and it read 10 oz so I guess the scale is correct. With the wriggling babies, it may be off a tad but overall the weights must be right and if they are NOT over 4 oz they are very close to 4 are they considered big kittens? They look awful small to me!
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Congrats! They all look great And so adorable
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The last born kitten is SO fiesty! She doesn't just 'push' to get at her favorite nipple, she HITS! Not just once either, she uses that tiny paw like a weapon! She hits and hits the other kittens until she is settled in where she wants to be. I am worried that she will scratch the other ones, most likely in the face, if this keeps up.
I sit there and watch in amazement at how assertive she is! Should I take her out for awhile so the others can eat in peace, or just leave it as it is...?
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lol yah I have one of those and it was my only girl too. Lol she just swings that little thing like she has a little sword or something and when she wants it she wants it PERIOD!
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That is the way this kitten is! She is one of two girls (I think!). She is for sure the boss!
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OMG my kitties do that too, they are so rough with each other.. Really shows survival of the fittest I guess. I'm hoping it will calm down when their eyes open and they can see the nipples. Right now its like they are to lazy to find their own nipple and have to fight for the one thats already been found. One will be latched on and one will come along and start swatting and pushing the other one off. The other kitten I've seen will fight back resulting in 2 kittens pawing wildly at each other!
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She seems to want to be the one near moms head, all the time. She chose this as HER spot and no one else can nurse there or even lay there. She was the last born and in the middle weight wise.
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They are so cute. Love the markings on the black & white ones. Looks like you have some baby cows.
And then the little striped one..Amazing how different they can all be.
Good luck!
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I know it is so funny how rough they are with each other. From the first day too. I was actually a little worried b/c they come equipped with these super sharp little daggers and I was worried she was gonna cut someone. Now lol, I see what Liza was talking about though. Now, they are like little drunken sailors AND they are still trying to fight. Between her and the oldest boy she is the Boss but that is just like her mama!
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This is a VERY bad pic but this is how she gave birth to the second kitten...the white part is her head and the black part up in the air is her butt! She had the kitten this way and it cam out (down) onto her belly!
She made no noise, didn't cry or pant, just did cartwheelies!!
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