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The Sunday July 30th thread

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Lots of people must be sleeping in this morning!!
I awake around 6-ish to the sounds of thunder and Bobber bellering in to come in!!
Its been raining off and on ever since and the storm fromt has a way to go yet. We got about an inch of rain but some parts of northern Wisconsn that really really need the rain got it!!! One town got over 4 inches so far!!
But them its going to turn hot and of course humid with a high of 91 today.
No yard work for me unless I want to get really muddy!!!
The annual Art in the Park starts at 9:00 but with the weather I don't think we are going to make it!!
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It's looking like its going to get more humid here today, its already 75 with a feels like of 91.
I am having a lazy day, partially because I have to be quiet until the other half wakes up (he has had a long week) and mostly because I can't be bothered.
I may go to the annual lily show at the botanical gardens later but thats about the extent of my day
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Its friday! I think a storm is coming our way! boo!
I have to catch up with my homework, do my nails, and get organised for school tomorrow!
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I was out all night up until 5:00 this morning with all my Neighbours, I'm suprized I got up at 9:00. Only 4 hours sleep. I better go to bed early tonight.
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Has someone realised that ive gone nuts??
ITS SUNDAY not friday! duh! *hammers her own head*
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No work Friday but temperatures soar to the point of wanting to do nothing. So I've been in the house all weekend in the only room in the house with AC. Just me and the cats. I stayed glued to the TV watching the unfolding events in the Middle East. Visit TCS now and then.
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Originally Posted by fwan
Has someone realised that ive gone nuts??
ITS SUNDAY not friday! duh! *hammers her own head*
Yeah I read that.
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Originally Posted by fwan
Has someone realised that ive gone nuts??
ITS SUNDAY not friday! duh! *hammers her own head*
I was wondering what you were talking about when you typed that.
Oh well it's been a long day for me already. I got a call at 8 from a shift leader saying he was locked out of his house and had no clothes and no keys for work. So I had to go down to work, unlock the doors, let him use my keys to do his things and then come home. I couldn't give him my keys because he's off tomorrow and I work in the am. Honey's still sleeping but so far I've managed to get two loads of laundry done, and start the dishwasher to clean it out, set up a pot of coffee, and make ice tea. I've been a busy little bee today. I figure I can't go back to bed, so I might as well make the most of the day right?
It's getting hot here and was already in the high 70's at 8. Isis wanted to be out on the porch so I let her but I think soon she is going to need to come in. The other cats came back inside after a few minutes so I know it's hot. Twig is sleeping on the desk beside me and is trying to pull one hand off the keyboard to get me to pet him.
Other then those things, I don't think we have anything planned today, just lounging around, relaxing. It needs to be done. The batteries are drained. And I need to rejuvinate for the day I'm going to have tomorrow. It's going to be hard and long.(in other words, a typical Monday! )

Have a great hot day everyone, keep cool and have fun!
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Another hot day here too.
I spent some time with my neighbour's cats. I'm looking after them this weekend. Such sweet kitties! I hope my boys are that well behaved when we get a sitter in, but I doubt it. I had to do a little work on their apartment, so that kept the cats entertained. Then I took the curious one, Reilly, out in the hall to explore the building. He had a good look round the laundry room, then checked out the storage room. He's just the sweetest little cat I've met in a long while.
I'm putting off doing more work in the kitchen- I scraped paint off another wall yesterday, now I've got sanding and patching to do today. Blah!
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Good afternoon!
I've been packing ou suitcases ready to go to Portugal tomorrow. We're staying at my Mums tonight as she is taking us to the airport super early. We have to drop the cats off at OH's Mums this evening and as the time draws closer I'm getting sadder I know I'll be ok once I've left them but it's actually leaving them thats the problem...
Im sure they will be fine, I just hope they know we are coming back for them.
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Have fun in Portugal lauren!! and Get some TAN FOR ME!!
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It's almost bedtime here! I had a really lazy day. I didn't go to bed till after 1:30 a.m., because I was running a virus scan, but I had a nice chat with Ryan right before then. Jamie got me up a little after 8 a.m. for his walk. It's in the high eighties, which is actually a break from last week, but still makes me lazy. I spent a lot of time transferring files from my portable HD to this laptop (new), searched for some good background photos, and checked in here several times. While I was at it I copied some photos from the "Siggy request" thread, and made a couple.
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Apparently its pretty hot out here. 28°C but feels like 37. I haven't been outside yet, I'm still in my pajamas and its almost 3pm. I have to work in an hour but its only for 6 hours and I get to run Subway all by myself tonight. Theres never many people on a Sunday though.
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I stayed in my PJs all day too

Made some sigs for the siggy shower, downloaded some new photoshop brushes, did some laundry (involving throwing clothes at my BF and telling him to stick them in the machine and letting him cope with the folding etc ) and am thinking of making up some margaritas, anyone want one?
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What a day!

Didn't get to bed last night til 4AM - we had friends over, and of course they stayed til about 3AM... and stayed up til 4 cleaning up We had a wonderful time, its been awhile since we had a party here.

Got up about 11AM.... met up with the guys and headed out on the Mississippi for the day. Lets just say I am a little sunburned.... and it hurts!! Eeeek! We are all grilling out now.... corn on the cob, brats, burgers and hot dogs... I'm excited to eat. Being on the river all day with no food = a hungry girl!

I'll be ready for bed when that time comes around!
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