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got pizza?

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i just wanted to share with everyone what i caught Prince doing the other night!!! he seems to really like pizza

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Oh how cute, I wonder if it's the cheese he likes? I made this great pizza one day from the Sopranos Cookbook my husband and I both took a piece and sat at the counter to eat and Severino jumped from the kitchen table behind us landed on the high counter we were eating on and then slid into the pizza on the lower counter..Good thing it was cooled a little, it was seriously comical but I had a mess to clean up!!!
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that so cute!! when I have burgerking birdie will come up and tries to take a piece of chicken!!! Prince is saying ( what about me? I am a man! I get to have a piece too!!!)
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i think he likes the cheese b/c last night i was eating in the living room and i got up and caught him trying to eat the macaroni and cheese
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i cook from the sopranos cookbook all the time!
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that is too cute ! silly kitty..
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Caught red handed, or red mouthed in his case!
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That's hilarious!!!
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Originally Posted by Renovia
i cook from the sopranos cookbook all the time!
Cool me too.. a lot of it reminds me of my childhood!
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