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New Member and Her Kitties - North Texas

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Back about 4 months ago, I discovered this wonderful site which helped me so much with my cat Phoebe as she went through her pregnancy. Even though I consider myself a responsible cat person, my vet told me he didn't spay female cats until they were 6 months old and then I allowed some family issues get in the way of scheduling her spaying and I am sure you know the rest of the story. I never saw the signs of estrus with Phoebe such as all the increased affection, body language for mating, etc. I was holding her one day and thought her belly looked a little rounder and that's when I thought she might be pregnant. I thought she was due earlier based on that, but she didn't have her kittens until about 6 weeks later. Thank you to this site, I was able to help her birth her kittens in a safe way. She had 6 which were all different colors, build, coat and personality. She had 2 girls and 4 boys. They were all healthy born April 27, 2006 and now, 3 months later, they are all doing great. My daughter wanted 2 little boys (a black one and a buff colored one) for her 8 year old twin sons. They have been in their new home for about a month and are happy, content and very loving, sleeping with their little charges each night. The other four kitties, 2 boys and 2 girls have a loving home here with us and their momma cat Phoebe and they will be spayed/nutered on time. Phoebe was spayed about a month ago and is doing well. She has been the most wonderful mother and really loves her children.

I wanted to introduce myself since I thought I would now begin to post from time to time and have some questions I haven't been able to find the answers to, so you'll see me popping in here and there.

I just want to say thank you to so many here who were an inspiration and help even though they didn't realize it in my situation.

Phoebe had 1 black, 1 orange tabby with no mitts, 1 orange tabby mitted, 1 gray with the occasionaly whitish stripe here and there few and far between no mitts, a buff colored no mitts and I guess what is called a tortoise shell dilute with white with mitts. This last one is one I had to assist with feeding as it kept getting pushed out of the way and not gaining even though she started off the same size as a couple of the others. She and the orange tabby with mitts (a male) are the only two born with longer fur. The orange tabby female with the super short fur, long lombs and angular Siamese-type head looks different from the others more so than the other siblings.

What really has me wondering is the female tortoiseshell/tabby with white and mitts. She is super, super sweet, she melts in everyone's arms as though she turns into liquid silk when picked up and goes almost limb in her relaxation even though she looks and acts just fine and plays very energetically and climbs everywhere. But her fur is of a kind I personally have never felt in my life of having cats. She has longer kind of like a Maine Coon Cat and has that kind of face shape, but the fur is unusually soft, cottony, luxurious, almost like an angora rabbit. Touching it and rubbing it is almost addictive as it's like touching a velvet cloud. I wish I could describe it better....Anyway...does this sound like something normal? I love it, but was wondering if it indicated something abnormal that was hidden. She seems really healthy and has caught up with her siblings in size. If someone can let me know why they think she has this kind of fur and what causes it or if it's just a genetically normal thing in some cats, that would be great! None of the rest of the kitties here have this kind of fur.

Thank you!

Linda L in North Texas
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Welcome to TCS Linda!!

Your little kitties must be adorable!, as far as the velvety type fur...it sounds like you have a very special kitten with her!
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You kitties sound wonderful. My blue kitty eventhough she is a short hair has fur that feels like velvet. I know I love to pet her.

If you need any questions answered about the site, please click on my user name and send me a message
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Hi Linda welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Hi Linda It's great to hear you posting again and to hear an update on Phoebe and the babies.

Look forward to seeing you around the site
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hey, fellow north texan - whereabouts are ya from?

oh, & welcome!
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Hello Linda, my name is John, welcome to the site
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